@skopemag news – monday – april 18, 2022 @ 12 pm est

@skopemag news – monday – april 18, 2022 @ 12 pm est

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Swiss Instrumental Post-Progressive Metallers The Kompressor Experiment released and streamed entire new album ‘Ebb & Flow”. Out now on CD, LP & Digital through SundayFog Records

As announced a few weeks ago and unveilling various audio and video excerpts from the effort with the single + official music video “Epigenesis” and then a live caption of the song “Riss-Würm”, Swiss instrumental post-prog metallers The Kompressor Experiment finally released their brand new full-length album called ‘Ebb & Flow’ and available right now on CD, LP & Digital through Sunday Fog Records (Somnolent Priests…).

Music Submission: The Beckleys

The Beckleys, also known as Los Beckleys, are a group of musicians formed in the neighborhood of Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas. Being influenced through different genres, such as 80’s Indie Rock, Soul, New Wave, Progressive, Latin and Ibero-American Rock. Each member has distinctive musical taste and style of play, while still able to combine their talents to come together and form a fresh organic sound.

Music Submission: Isaac Abbey

I wrote this song about the first and only time I’ve ever fallen in love. The rest of my EP explores what happens when all that breaks down and falls apart but, for a brief moment, nothing in the world matter but the two of us.

Check Out PSYCHOSTICK Ridiculous New B-Sides LP, ‘…and Stuff’!! FFO: Sepultura, Ninja Sex Party, Tenacious D

The absurd metal band PSYCHOSTICK has released their newest LP, …and stuff. A b-sides and rarities album containing mashups / covers / parodies and originals spanning PSYCHOSTICK’S over two decade long career. A SEPULTURA styled cover of the RAY PARKER JR 1984 hit theme song for Ghostbusters and a metal cover of the iconic MONTY PYTHON classic, “Galaxy Song,” just scratch the surface of this eclectic collection.

R&B Superstar KEM Scores Eighth Career #1 At Radio With “Stuck On You”

Three-time GRAMMY®Award-nominated multiplatinum 21st century R&B icon KEM returns to #1 this week! His critically acclaimed new single “Stuck On You” captures #1 at R&B radio, marking his eighth career #1 record. Affirming his place at the top once more, this milestone extends his incredible legacy, which remains one of the most storied and influential in modern soul and R&B.

GONEMAGE To Release Master of Disgust EP

GONEMAGE the solo project of Cara Neir’s Garry Brents (or Galimgim) will release his ne EP Master of Disgust on May 13, 2022. Having established a dynamic storyline that runs through GONEMAGE’s previous releases, the new EP Master of Disgust… temporarily diverges to deliver a mangled blackened death metal misadventure themed around the well-known Nintendo character Wario.

Swedish hard-hitters BATTERING RAM release video and single “Too Late”

Swedish hard rockers BATTERING RAM have just released the single and official video for the new song “Too Late”. A ridiculous quantity of killer singles have been released by the Filipstad quartet over the last few months, so by now we’re all kind of expecting the fillers to come up. However, “Too Late” will leave us waiting even more for a half-baked song from the band.

New England Music Hall of Fame inducts June Millington and Cherie Currie

“Always support women, when you do that you are healing a big psychic pain of generations of women who could not be heard” Grammy Award winning Paula Cole’s statement during her induction to the New England Music Hall of Fame in 2021 has inspired the organization to emphasize supporting women’s music by preserving their history. Paula’s last album “American Quilt” was recently considered for a Grammy nomination. You can watch her induction here.

SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE release video and single “Where We Belong”

“Where We Belong” develops a bit more the conceptual story around the album, as well as delivers a solid and incredibly emotive piece of progressive metal. It will also be released as an official video.