Here Are The Top Alternatives To Bitcoin- All You Need To Know

Most of us new to the cryptocurrency world and our first-time investors in cryptocurrency would have often come across the word Bitcoin. Being a pioneering cryptocurrency, Bitcoin holds a different position in the eyes of crypto investors. It has a higher value, and it is the oldest cryptocurrency and certainly the most profitable.

If you plan to make a good investment in cryptocurrencies and earn good revenue out of your investment, you should look out for profitable alternative options.

Every crypto trader and the professional dealer will always recommend diversifying your portfolio. Whether investing in stocks or shares or even in cryptocurrency, striking a balance between the different assets is paramount. There are so many options for altcoins. But settling down with the best one and finding the right crypto can be challenging.

To simplify it, we have together five alternate cryptocurrencies that you can use as your future investment portfolio asset. But before going ahead, you must do thorough research.


The first cryptocurrency on the list is Ethereum. After Bitcoin, if you have heard a name about a remarkably well cryptocurrency, then it has to be there. What makes Ethereum so popular is its dual role, and it is a cryptocurrency and an open-source platform. Also, Ethereum is known for empowering smart contracts. Hence if you are planning to diversify your portfolio and looking for the next best option after Bitcoin, Ethereum should be your bet.

Binance Coin

The first coin on our list is the Binance coin. Initially introduced as an official cryptocurrency of Binance exchange, Binance coin is now readily available on other platforms. Studios in 2017, and since then, its usability has expanded. You can use Binance coin for making payments, booking and even making travel arrangements. 


Cryptocurrency in our list is stellar. It was developed to provide enterprise solutions. It was introduced to facilitate transactions within financial institutions. Since a large volume of transactions is done in the bank, relying on a cryptocurrency like stellar, which a 3rd party does not govern, makes the process faster and also, the transaction doesn’t come with a fee. 

Stellar is a transactional platform for financial institutions providing enterprise solutions. It is also an open blockchain that anyone can use. It is the best choice for cross border transactions for any currency. Its native currency is Lumens (XLM).20

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Not many knew about dogecoin until Elon Musk showed his interest in it. The moment Alan Musk announced dogecoin, it shot its price up. dodge coin was introduced by Billy markers and Jackson Palmer in 2013, although the pricing of this coin point was not high initially, which was only 0.74 cents after Elon Musk announced dodge coin and its market capitalization shut up 

Twelve cents, thus making it the 13th largest cryptocurrency, and so we have it in our list of top 5 cryptocurrencies that you should be looking for investing in. 


The functioning of avalanche is almost similar to Ethereum and Cardano, and it is used to create and execute smart contracts and its native token, AVAX. This cryptocurrency was introduced in 2020, and since then, it has witnessed a rapid increase with time.

Final Words

These are a few of the many choices you have in the market. Other significantly stronger cryptocurrencies like Polkadot, So Lana Cardano and others. Irrespective of the cryptocurrency you choose, the underlying fact remains that you have to choose the right cryptocurrency exchange platform for trading. Always find a secure platform that accepts various payment options.

With bitcoin’s influence in today’s world, you should choose a platform to invest in cryptocurrency soon. The registration process is very simple, and the platform also conducts the KYC, which ensures the complete credibility of the users on the platform.

So, if you are looking for a group cross-currency exchange platform that can guarantee you great results, then the Bitcoin era is the right choice. Ensure that the cryptocurrency you are choosing is driven by thorough research and only after a complete assessment.