ISYLA Presents ‘OF Blood and Star’

Isyla sculpts a truly magnificent journey with “Of Blood and Star”. Ambience, shoegaze, indie rock and more filter into the work. Every song plays off the last. Her style brings to mind the lullaby-like bliss of Beach House. Much like their work, Isyla makes sure that there is a dreaminess to the way it all comes together. The melodies waft on through in a truly delirious way. Quite heavy at times yet always peaceful, there is a calmness that radiates from deep within the sound. With atmosphere of the essence the songs come together resulting in a series of suites.

Her voice reigns supreme on the strong open of “Slip Acapella”. Trip-hop beats permeate the entirety of the chilled-out vibes of “Invincible Heart”. Woozy, laid-back grooves take shape as “Colours of the Rain” has a delicacy to it. Various little percussive elements enter into the equation in a way that has a reflective presence behind it. Percussion gains a tactile sensibility with the defiant “This World”. On “Beautiful Change” they have a happiness to the sound and lyrics, making it the clear highlight of the entire mix. Going for a folksy presence is “Only Girl In The Room”. Such delicacy to “Where We Dare” strips things to the essentials with fantastic string work. Bringing it all home comes the meditative finale “Slip”.

“Of Blood and Star” features a power to it for Isyla makes sure every single element falls into place in a way that has a grandeur to it.