TEMPLEMIND New Single ‘Union Divine’

A gigantic beast of a track “Union Divine” revels in its sheer power proving Templemind to be exceptional storytellers. The mixture of the new and old help to imbue the song with purpose. Industrial, Gregorian chant, classical, and shoegaze get filtered into the overall spirit of the piece. Layer upon layer intermingles to create something truly profound. One of those things that deserves to be played as loudly as possible, it is a force of nature sound. Nods to groups like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine appear throughout, yet their mystic tinge helps to elevate their sound even further up into the stratosphere.

Not a moment is wasted for they rush into things quite quickly. Evolution of the sound happens with a cinematic flair. Various elements add to the intensity of the track, making sure it has a larger than life quality to it. By holding nothing back they make sure that the piece truly touches the very soul. By far the heart and soul comes from the vocals. Somehow their voice is strong enough to rise above the rest of the sound, resulting in something truly significant within the space of the work. Evolution means that the groove has its own force to it. Once it stops, it gains a post-rock clarity about it making sure that the song ends in a truly spectacular crescendo.

Templemind features a truly epic sound, one that feels absolutely gorgeous for “Union Divine” washes over the listener.