New Video By Sarantos ‘Party in Texas’

A pure celebration of the wide-open American west with Sarantos’ “Party in Texas”. Everything about it has a celebratory atmosphere about it. For a part of the US that is all about big, Sarantos plays everything really large. Guitar riffs might as well be sheer forces of nature for they soar up into the sky with reckless abandon. That western twang looms large over the entirety of the track for it has a joy to it, one that truly loves the great state of Texas. Layer upon layer intermingles for there is a liveliness to all of it.

Right from the beginning the song wastes no time in getting started. A bluesy lick kicks things off for he has incredible skill in setting the mood. Everything about it has a strength to it. Lyricism here features an impeccable word choice. Plenty of the detail helps to add to the work. Full of so much vivid imagery he goes over what truly makes Texas great, from the culinary to simply the attitude of the people there. Within the song there is a freedom one that rings true over the course of the journey. An evolution of sorts further adds to its impeccable taste. His ability to explore an entire culture, particularly one as unique as Texas, feels doubly wonderful. By the final stretch he lets loose as they tap into a garage rock cadence.

“Party in Texas” shows off Sarantos’ ability to sculpt an entire work that has a power to it.