New Video By Alex Krawczyk ‘There Will Be Light’

Alex Krawczyk goes for a lovely, delicate arrangement on the gracious chamber folk “There Will Be Light”. Sung with a degree of grace the song has a timelessness to it that adds to its appeal. The hopefulness of the song guides it along. Full of optimism the atmosphere is a soothing one, one that completely washes over the listener. Guitar glistens as it winds its way though. Everything about the song has a peacefulness to it. Lots of the sound draws from more modern takes on folk, from the intimacy of the Mountain Goats to the tasteful sound of Fleet Foxes. By bringing it altogether she truly makes the piece something special.

She starts things off like a whisper. The sound expands from there. Nothing ever goes too heavy though, for that initial airiness is kept constant over the course of the entire thing. Done with the greatest degree of dignity the rest of the arrangement gains in confidence with each additional reiteration. Over the course of the journey she brings the listener along into the innermost thoughts in her mind. By choosing her words carefully, the work has a consoling aspect to it. Personally I appreciate her inclusion of some slowcore aesthetics, the sense of awe, and the glacial tempo that helps to further build out the introspective attitude.

“There Will Be Light” revels in the exquisite storytelling abilities of Alex Krawczyk in exploring a world that feels oh so personal to her.