Pamela Hopkins Presents ‘One Too Many’

Pamela Hopkins embraces a southern rock country fried charm with “One Too Many”. Stylistically rooted in a mixture of the blues, soul, and hard rock in a way that feels stunning. Though her vocals take front and center stage, the rest of the band does an exceptional job in buttressing the sheer intensity of her delivery. Everything about it feature a clarity about it, like the lessons learned after a life lived to the absolute fullest. By doing so she creates something truly sublime a sort of world that has a reflective quality, one that is doubly reassuring. Though sad at times, this is a highly relatable work one that seeks out those who are feeling a little lonely.

Guitar work starts the track off for there is a bit of a gorgeousness to it. From there the rest of the sound comes into the fray quite quickly. The song works itself into a virtual frenzy at times, perfectly complementing her own voice. By having the two so intertwined she creates a world that has a warmth to it. Even amongst its sadness there is a defiance, a desire to rise above the rest of the world, to find something, some sort of connection. Her voice is a force of nature one that completely entrances with its own spirit of purpose.

“One Too Many” revels in Pamela Hopkins’ undeniably commanding vocals, for hers is a story that has a universality to it.