Best all-time music clips with casinos

Certain music genres are rife with songs about gambling, rock, pop and particularly country music use the imagery to great effect but if you were to look back through the annals of history you would no doubt find renaissance operas, medieval folk songs, and bawdy ancient tavern tunes all giving advice on the subject. I suspect the first tune ever written was by some neanderthal hunter who had been tricked out of that day’s prize by a stone-age chance with three cups and a small rock.


So, with gambling, chance, and fate key subjects for the songwriter, it is unsurprising that the modern musical canon is full of examples of such subjects being turned into iconic songs. And just as we all have our favorite TOP 10 ONLINE CASINOS or physical places to chance our arm in, we could all easily make a list of our favorite gambling songs. And if you are playing online, why not make a playlist of songs to help get you in the zone whilst you play?

‘The Gambler’

There are some which are straightforward forward and the gambling imagery sits at the heart of the song. Take Kenny Roger’s 1978 classic The Gambler, not only the story of an old gambler passing some useful advice on to a fellow train passenger but also a fantastic song too. A more modern and altogether more upbeat take on the idea can be found in The Overtones Gambling Man, a song that takes the usual casino imagery yet applies it to love rather than the cards.

‘Poker Face’

And that is the more usual form that songs about gambling take, the application of lady luck to the affairs of the heart, the idea that we are often willing to bet all on a potential relationship emotionally speaking as readily as are financially on the turn of a card or the roll of a dice. Lady Gaga’s Poker Face did this brilliantly by combining the idea of not giving the game away in both love and at the casino tables and Amy Winehouse’s prophetic Love Is A Losing Game neatly addressed the idea of holding a losing hand in a relationship.


So, whether you want songs that are specifically about gambling, or ones that use such imagery to allude to other aspects of life, particularly love, loss, and relationships, there are plenty of fine tunes to choose from. Maybe such a soundtrack will help you at the virtual gaming tables maybe not but even if they don’t, there is a wealth of tunes to help put you in the gambling mood.