What Does The Hemp Farming Bill Mean?

The Hemp Farming Bill of 2018 is often mentioned within the CBD world. Even those who know very little about CBD have probably heard about the Hemp Farm Bill.

There is a reason why the Hemp Farm Bill is talked about so often. The Bill changed the CBD industry within the USA, making hemp-derived CBD supplements legal on a federal level.

The Hemp Farm Bill also set precise legal requirements for CBD supplements ensuring uniformity across the country. Until the Bill came into force, hemp and its derivatives were not legal on a federal level. Instead, it was for each state to decide and enforce its own laws and regulations.

So, what are the details of the Hemp Farming Bill, and what does it mean for hemp products for sale and those looking to use CBD?

What Did The Hemp Farm Bill Change?

The use of CBD is not a new thing. People have been using CBD products, both in the USA and worldwide, before the Hemp Farm Bill came into force in 2018.

Despite the popularity of CBD prior to 2018, CBD products were illegal on a federal level. The Controlled Substance Act was the main legislation that applied to CBD and other hemp-derived products.

CBD is not the only compound within hemp plants. THC is also found in hemp plants and is predominantly known for its intoxicating effects. The lack of distinction between THC, CBD, and the many other cannabinoids of hemp meant that CBD products were deemed illegal.

The Hemp Farm Bill changed the law in 2018 by making a clear legal distinction between the intoxicating compounds in hemp plants, like THC, and the non-intoxicating compounds, like CBD.

Under the new law, THC remains illegal on a federal level. However, CBD is now recognized as a different substance and is legal to cultivate, sell, and use under federal law.

What Regulations Does The Hemp Farm Bill Bring Into Law?

The Hemp Farm Bill not only makes it legal to purchase and use CBD products, but it also allows hemp plants to be cultivated in the USA with the specific purpose of being used for the manufacturing of CBD products.

The hemp farming act defines hemp as any part of the Cannabis sativa plant that does not have a delta-9 THC concentration of more than 0.3% by dry weight. Hemp plants can be legally grown on an industrial level as long as they meet these requirements.

The Hemp Farming Bill also removed hemp from the Controlled Substance Act. This was a necessary change in law for hemp products to be recognized as legal on a federal level.

What Does The Hemp Farm Bill Mean For People Looking To Try CBD?

The Hemp Farm Bill means that the use of hemp-derived CBD products as health supplements is now legal on a federal level.

The change in the law is particularly interesting for people who previously lived in a state where the use of CBD was illegal. Even before 2018, there were a few states, including Colorado, where hemp products have been legal for years. However, for most states, it was not until 2018 that the use of hemp became a reality.

If you lived in a state where it was legal to use hemp before 2018, the lack of uniformity in the law made traveling out of state problematic. For example, a person living in Colorado could legally purchase and use CBD at home but could not take it on a trip with them even one state over.

What Has The Hemp Farm Bill Meant For The CBD Industry?

The most significant change that has come from the Hemp Farm Bill is the growth that has taken place within the CBD and hemp industry.

Before 2018 there was limited awareness of CBD’s potential benefits. Since 2018, however, this has changed. There is now much more funding and focus on scientific research and a better understanding of the various ways that CBD can be beneficial.

As a result of the 2018 Bill, CBD is now viewed as a mainstream health and wellness product found in most pharmacies and health food stores. People who might not have previously considered taking CBD as a supplement now regularly take CBD products like oils and capsules.

The increased interest in CBD and hemp products has meant that the industry has grown quickly to keep up with demand. There are continuously new CBD brands and new ways to use CBD entering the market. This has, in turn, helped to make CBD and hemp even more accessible to a broader range of people.

Why The Hemp Farm Bill Is Important 

The Hemp Farm Bill is a significant piece of legislation that has changed the hemp and CBD industry within the USA and beyond. The 2018 Bill has made the sale and use of hemp legal, but it has also changed the way people think about and use CBD.

Before 2018 CBD and hemp products were seen as relatively niche products that were hard to find. Fast forward only a few years, and CBD products are now everywhere and viewed as one of the best general-purpose wellness supplements on the market.