Reasons you should buy synthetic Diamond jewelry

It is ridiculous to argue with that diamond jewelry is very pricey. Often a real diamond gem might cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more to acquire compared to the synthetic analogues. That is why we recommend that you check into Moissanite earrings and other jewelry. These beautiful diamond mimics are created in a laboratory and are around ten times more cheap than genuine diamonds with better characteristics. In this article, we will try to show why synthetic gemstones are as excellent as genuine diamond gems and how you may save money by using them instead of natural stones.

One of the most interesting fact about Moissanite and a Diamond gemstones is that it is difficult things to detect the difference between them if you are not in a specialized laboratory. More importantly, the leading diamond developers and miners mention that every second diamond sold on the market is fake. Buying a fake diamond ring might be a very expensive mistake. Such exquisite forged gems are hard to distinguish because they are made in a laboratory. Not only buyers are unable to detect the difference between synthetic counterparts and natural stones when they are purchased, but many sellers themself without proper equipment available. Many people end up having to spend hundreds or thousands of extra dollars for them in the end. Another thing that adds to the problem is that sellers are not obligated to declare the complete stone’s parameters when selling jewelry.

That is why many people opt in for Moissanite gems that are created in the environmentally conscious laboratory. The produced gems are nearly indistinguishable from a genuine diamond in appearance. Even for expert jewelers, it can be a challenging task. Even some of the most pricey testers that are used by experts can make a mistake distinguishing Moissanite for a diamond in nearly ten percent of the instances. Making it impossible for anybody to guess that you are wearing a synthetic jewelry rather than genuine diamonds.

Another outstanding feature is that moissanites have a greater radiance than that of diamonds. All gems are priced for their colored sparks and glare that they can produce. The more fascinating interplay of light that is has, the more it is worth. There are a variety of parameters that influence the capacity of a stone’s sparkle and beauty. One of these variables is the refractive index. Obviously, the higher it is, the more dazzling it appears. When it comes to moissanites, it has even bigger parameter than diamonds. Yes, moissanites are more sparkly than expensive diamonds.

Another better parameter of a Moissanite is that it has a better value of light dispersion compared to diamonds. If you do not know what light dispersion on jewelry means, it is the optical effect of dispersion causes the facets of precious stones to glow with iridescent hues. As a result, moissanite stones can emit more rainbow hues than diamonds making jewelry made out this synthetic material more noticeable piece for any event, whether formal or informal.