Useful tool for working with backlinks

Backlinks from quality resources can increase traffic and site authority in the “eyes” of search engines. However, the opposite situation may arise when links are of dubious quality and have to get rid of them. One of the tools for this is a Google Disavow Tool. In this article, we will consider how to use it and in what cases it applies.

What is Disavow Tool

Google’s guidelines for web admins state that using dubious schemes to get links to your resource to improve its ranking is a prohibited method of promotion. And as we wrote in our articles, click to read more and you will know that these actions can be punished. That is why the search engine strongly recommends making sites for people, not for search engines, and creating content to which other web resources will want to link.

External link mass and its quality have an impact on the ranking of the site in search results. If backlinks are “bad”, then they must be dealt with by all available means. One of the main – contact the owner of the resource of interest with a request to remove the link. But this option does not always lead to positive results, and to help the optimizer come to the tool from Google – Disavow Tool. It can be used to download the list of irrelevant links or domains that search algorithms should not take into account.

How to find bad links?

A bad link, from the point of view of the search engine:

  • Leading from a resource unrelated to the subject of your site.
  • Placed on malicious sites, sites with cloaking.
  • Link from online casinos and other suspicious resources.
  • Regions of domains matter if your site is geolocation-specific.

When to use it?

To work with Google Disavow Tool should be approached with caution because incorrect use of it can lead to a fall in the site’s positions in search results. Initially, you need to identify those backlinks of poor quality correctly. Then, again, contact the owners of the sites on which they are placed, and ask to remove them. In some cases, this method works. Finally, after all methods have been tried and the links cannot be removed, you should send them a list to Google Disavow Tool.

But you have to be careful when using google disavow tool because this tool can also disable quality links. And note that Google Disavow Tool does not remove links from donor sites but removes their influence on the site’s ranking factors in the Google search engine. Still, we strongly recommend using the link rejection tool to help Google identify spammy sites faster.