Merit Maker New EP ‘Breaking Edge’

Merit Maker embodies the ethos of skater punk on the undeniably catchy choruses of “Breaking Edge”. Volume is a given for they hold nothing back at all. Layer upon layer intermingles to create this colossal stunning sound. These songs teem with life for the interplay has a fantastically frantic quality. Nods to groups like Blink 182 emerge throughout the whole of the collection for the energy draws the listener into these bubbly atmospheres. With great buildups too, there is a tinge of nostalgia for the early aughts that further fill out the rest of the sound.

“Come Undone” sets the tone for what follows, opening things up on a very high note. Guitar riffs race on through virtually crashing into each other. The punk ethos feels particularly strong on this track for they dive deep into sheer distortion. Letting things sprawl out a bit “Higher Hopes” doubles down on the energy. Bass has a limberness to it and the guitars have a surf rock element to them. With “Deal Breaker” they go for a Pixies-like explosion for they thrash about wildly. Pace is the trick with the dexterity of “Reality Check” featuring the whole of the piece becoming outright hyperactive. Distortion reigns supreme over “This And More” for the guitar licks have a fervent quality about them, unfurling into a wonderful series of patterns woven together.

Everything on “Breaking Edge” shows the sheer determination of Merit Maker in creating a sound that has a blistering, fiery presence.