N.C. Palma Presents “Morning in the Dark”

Fate is a funny thing, and single moments can set the course of your destiny. N. C. Palma’s ability to pursue his passion for music happened serendipitously. After a chance meeting with Studio KAI’s founder, Vernon Hill, in 2018, N. C. Palma was able to elevate his interests in hip hop from classroom freestyles to proper commercial releases. Hungry to take his work to the next level, forging his own sound somewhere between hip-pop, rap, and R&B, N. C. Palma’s focus on developing as songwriter and creative has been well-received by his core fans. Now, the artist is looking to reach audiences on a larger scale with his latest track, “Morning in the Dark.”

Cutting through the mainstream noise, N. C. Palma is careful to temper catchy melodies with introspective songwriting. Bringing well-crafted ideas to fruition in ways that are as surprising as they are digestible, it’s with his visual for “Morning in the Dark” that he enters a new chapter in his personal journey. An abstracted deep dive into feelings of detachment and uncertainty, the bizarre, dreamlike sequence is juxtaposed with a performance of N. C. Palma against a unique light show set design. “Morning in the Dark” is memorable and elevated, serving as a glimpse into the potential future of Hip Hop and R&B fusion.