Ludlow Creek Present ‘What About Love’

Ludlow Creek rolls on through with a country rock grace on “What About Love”. Beyond the clear references to country rock, bits of the blues, pop, and the fine singer-songwriter tradition. The colors that emerge out of the sound feels righteous, absolutely blissful to the very core of the situation. Within this sound there is a lot of energy, the sort of soul-searching stuff that has a careful cadence to it. Over the course of the piece the evolution of the atmosphere has a delicacy to it. By allowing the many different elements plenty of space to interact the song features a dialogue of sorts. Much of the lyricism focuses on the zeitgeist, the sense of distrust that runs deep within the sound itself.

A fine blast starts things up with gusto. From there the drums have a tremendous kick to them, one that adds to the peaceful presence of the performance. Over the course of the journey the song evolves in a way that revels in the small touches. Character studies do play a critical role within the work for they hold nothing back in a way that has a tremendous power to it. Much of the piece sprawls out to the infinite, rising up and making good points about the need to listen to each other, to care and show compassion.

“What About Love” features the uncanny ability of Ludlow Creek to capture a sense of optimism, of hoping for a better world.