New Video By Stacy Gabel ‘Sunny Days”

If she were the type to storm a scene, we would be saying that breakout singer-songwriter Stacy Gabel is thundering in. But there’s just too much sunshine to say anything other than she’s shining on in triumph. Having launched her own indie label, Catch My Riff Records, this Eastern Pennsylvania native has been expanding her reach to a broader digital audience, as well as by performing in venues across the East Coast. She is slated to perform a series of concerts at sporting events and festivals between Pennsylvania and Florida, where she’s expanding her fanbase. With this next release, we expect more and more fans to be captivated by her charming personality and singing along with her catchy, uplifting songs. Stacy Gabel is following her prior hits “Straight To Voicemail”, “High Heeled Shoes”, and “Stir Crazy” with her newest single “Sunny Days” – and with the world craving positive, uplifting music, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Sometimes when you love someone, it can be difficult to express it. In the up-tempo country-pop song “Sunny Days,” Stacy Gabel strums and conveys the essential feelings of a hopeful heart in love and longing. The straightforward chords and soothing melody make this song ripe for singing along with friends, driving with the windows down, or just dancing in your kitchen with a loved one. Gabel describes the song as such: “Sunny Days can lift your spirits and your outlook on life. This song was written to lighten your mood and inspire you to stay positive and keep an optimistic attitude. We all look forward to being reunited with loved ones who we haven’t seen for quite some time. Brighter days are ahead.”

The video by Reid Carrescia keeps things simple, allowing us to bask in the sunshine of Stacy’s spirit as she sings from her porch, her holiday-themed living room, and a field of hot air balloons. We follow Gabel through the comfortable settings, swaying along and relating to the feelings of lightness and connection that love brings to her. By the end of the video, Gabel is strumming away in bliss under a sunny sky full of hot air balloons, waving adieu to me and you with all of our hearts lightened by the tune.