Nied’s Hotel Band Present ‘We’re Just Fine’

Nied’s Hotel Band features a gorgeous, communal spirit on the updated big-band bombast of “We’re Just Fine”. Optimism shines through the entirety of the track. The lyrics help to fully convey this sense of contentment. Interplay amongst the group has a lot heart to it, for they truly listen to each other. A great amount of instrumental variety exists within the piece for there is a lushness to all of it. Vocals are sung together to help to add to the fervent attitude of the piece.

From the first burst of energy, they do not let up. Everything swirls about in this fantastic array, one that goes for a heartfelt presence to it. A lot of it features this warm inviting aspect one that never lets up. Thanks to this tenderness the song has a reassuring quality, which in this particular moment in time, feels particularly needed. Nor do they overdo things. Rather than utilize a buildup the song takes on an ebb and flow. Rising and falling action give the piece a living, breathing aspect to it one that gives it such depth. Volume is a given for the song seems impossible to ignore. Good cheer, a sense of peace and balance gives the work that sense of pure discovery and contemplation.

“We’re Just Fine” shows off the exquisite skill of Nied’s Hotel Band in bringing that big band sound into the modern era in a way that feels highly respectful.