Boston Rock Band Octavate New Single: “My Wasteland”

Octavate delivers hardcore rock with heart on the fire and fury of “My Wasteland”. Baring their very soul, the raw grit and soul of the sound rests with those anguished vocals. The riffs race on through with pure precision effortlessly locking step with the righteous hit of the drums. Everything here deserves to be absolutely blasted for they hold nothing back. A true force of nature they crush whatever rests in their path. Done with such dignity their frenzied experience has a potency to it, one that feels doubly refreshing.

Guitar introduces the piece setting the phrases they utilize over the rest of the piece. Their inspired interplay has a fantastic grandeur to all of it. Lyrics swim through the din for they let each word matter. So many different elements shift under the weight of the scope for it all seemingly falls apart during certain moments, only to recombine at the pivotal moment. By allowing this little drama to unfold the song gains a degree of the theatrical, as the dramatic tension grows and grows. Within the atmosphere itself there is a dignity to be found one that feels ever so righteous. Virtually a wall of sound at times they make their presence felt allowing the vast array of colors to gradually change their hue, for the atmosphere becomes increasingly more desperate. For the finale they let loose finally realizing that sense of loss that began the song.

“My Wasteland” revels in Octavate’s exquisite chops and uncanny ability to unleash a searing burning sound.