5 Steps to choose music for your video

The importance of music cannot be overstated. Music and sound quality should never be ignored if you want your video to have a lasting impact. Sound quality is just as essential as video quality. The visual quality of your video matters less if the audio quality is bad. Much attention must be paid to audio, including sound effects and background music.

That brings us back to where we started: choosing Production Music for a video? To ensure your video stands out and conveys its message effectively, how do you choose your music? You can go from a prominent amateur to a certified professional by following these four steps.

  1. Plan your project with the music in mind

The first thing we will do is determine how much importance the music will have in our video. It would be good to focus on whether you attempted to convey technical and accurate information. On the contrary, it is a broader and more general message. The viewer need not be as aware of the specific details but rather the emotional impact of the video itself, in which the images already convey the message.

  1. Pick music that makes you feel something

When you use music in your video, you convey certain feelings and emotions. It is well known that emotions (and this vibe) play a great role in marketing and sales. Throughout your video, you must use music that supports the message you want to convey. What is the purpose of your video? An endorsement? A Facebook advertisement?

There will be different types of music for different videos. A video’s goal must be attached to the right “feeling.” If you add hip-hop beats to an inspirational testimonial, it might sound off if you use a tinny piano solo. Choosing appropriate music will ensure that the emotion you want to convey and the message you want to convey are in sync.

  1. Know your budget

Under no circumstances should you use low-quality music. From the Internet, you can download the appropriate music composed by professionals from numerous locations, as you can see. It is in your best interest to set a certain standard for quality when making videos for your business (like marketing videos). That means high-quality sourcing music.

  1. Make the music rhythmic and evocative

Some tones are more cheerful, while others are calmer, and others can even evoke sympathy or sadness. When creating our video, we need to choose the main tone carefully and take into account how the tone changes during the song.

Songs often begin with sober or sad tones, for example. As the “story” progresses, the composer raises the song’s pitch to make it happier. If we want to change a positive situation into a negative one, the reverse is done too. Consider the tone of the song when choosing it. You will discover how to place it in the video if you listen to it from beginning to end and focus only on this aspect.

  1. Collaborate image & audio

The image and audio must be perfectly aligned with each other to avoid appearing uncoordinated. You will get better output if you edit more videos and observe how others do so. One essential aspect of this point is how the music “entries” the video at the beginning and “exits” at the end. You may want to make it a prominent part of both sections, as this will help set the tone for the message and give it coherence.