Ryan Dart Brings The Country To Us With Upcoming Album ‘Edge Of The Wild’

If there’s one thing that stands out to me when delving into the magical musical world of Ryan Dart, it’s the authenticity that oozes from each track. As a self-professed “grandson of the dustbowl and a steward of the land,” Ryan Dart’s music encapsulates the down to earth, gentle and connected way of life that has surrounded him. It’s a soft, easy-going country in every sense of the word. His upcoming album ‘Edge of the Wild’ is an effortless evolution of Ryan Dart’s sound. When listening through the twelve tracks that make up this album, it’s hard not to feel calm, collected and present. His acoustic atmosphere is a long exhale on a busy day. It’s sitting down on the couch as the sunsets with a smooth whiskey. 

‘Ready for the Road’ opens the album with a gently energetic air. A driving guitar riff is the foundation of the soundscape and the drums, although sitting back in the mix, keep the energy moving forward with each snare. This pairs perfectly with Ryan Dart’s lyrics. The quiet excitement of getting back on the road once again is felt in the subtle excitement of the heartbeat-like drums bouncing in the background of the sonic landscape. ‘These Days’ and ‘Trouble on Fire’ bring some rockier resonance to the album. Slick guitar solos and dynamic drum lines fuel these tracks as rock and blues is sewn into his soft country sound. The contrast of this vibrant energy with the softer songs ‘Verona,’ ‘Us Or The Dust’ and ‘Shooting Star’ just goes to show the wide breadth of Ryan Dust’s talent. Tying all these atmospheres together is Ryan Dust’s vocals. His captivating tone sails through each song, effortlessly commanding the sometimes thick, sometimes thin instrumentation behind him. His performance is passionate but in no way forced. It’s commanding but in no way overpowering. To listen to ‘Edge of the Wild’ is to go on a journey through an intimate autobiography, all with the smooth tones of Ryan Dust leading the way. 


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Edge Of The Wild is out on the 22nd April 2022

Watch the Video For ‘Us or the Dust’ off the album on YOUTUBE HERE 

By Sasha Lauryn