Brooke Surgener Gives Us Indie Goodness With Single ‘Gimme Gimme’

Brooke Surgener has clearly been on a roll the past few years and she shows no signs of pumping the breaks any time soon as she gears up to release her latest single ‘Gimme Gimme’. Whilst making her fame through captivatingly quirky cosplay music videos, this multi-instrumentalist boasts a beautiful array of singles. Her latest release is in no way as heavy as what we last heard from her. The acoustic, airy atmosphere of ‘Sailor Moon – Moon Pride / Moonlight Densetsu Mashup’ quickly makes way for the most vibrant of rock soundscape to burst into action. Whilst ‘Gimme Gimme’ isn’t quite as heavy, the mesmerising melodies that make her singles magical are still out in full force. 

The first thing that stands out from ‘Gimme Gimme’ is the stellar singing of Brooke herself. Throughout the whole track, Brooke soars through the soundscape with her unique style. Her tone is the epitome of indie-folk goodness as she hits every word with a passionate punch. As the record progresses, you can feel Brooke Surgener flourishing into her phenomenal belt tones towards the end. The natural growth of her vocals makes the track completely engaging. As her feelings grow for the person on the other end of the lyrics, her melodies shapeshift to mirror her growing momentum. Much like her other tracks, the soundscape is still rooted in the realms of the acoustic. Yet, the swiftly changing sections and dynamic drum line propel this track to newer heights. Brooke manages to sew together subtle and strong crescendos throughout the whole track, making this exciting and engaging listening from start to finish. There’s infectious energy flowing throughout this track as the bass line bounces beneath the glistening guitars. It’s easy with indie-folk for things to become static, yet Brooke has created an exciting, fast-moving, almost rock-infused soundscape with ‘Gimme Gimme’. But, with an artist with such naturally soulful and strong vocals who’s not afraid to create exuberant sonic landscapes, what else could we expect? 


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By Sasha Lauryn