Gabe Furtado delivers an inherently playful piece of pop on the elastic grooves of “Flowers”

Electro-pop to its very essence, everything about the performance radiates a degree of passion. Vocals rest in the center of it all, for there is a giddiness to it. An ebb and flow to the music work wonders, imbuing the whole thing with so much life. Neon fluorescent haze adds to the intrepid swirl of it all, for they have a beauty about it, a unique balance that guides it along. Full of hope and optimism, the song keeps on evolving. With so many twists, the piece is an absolute joy to get lost in, thanks to the many interwoven layers.

After the initial swell of the synthesizers, the scope of the track works wonders. From this impulse, the rest of the piece falls into place. Word choice matters a great deal, bringing thoughtfulness to it. Everything about it flows through with a sense of majesty. Bouncing beats anchor, giddily jumping on by. Nods to Taylor Swift and other similarly minded artists enter into the fray. Quite happy, it is easy to feel soothed by the track’s glee. Indeed, it is infectious, guiding the song along. Towards the end of the piece, all of this comes together in a way that has a grandeur.

“Flowers” features the uncanny deft skills of Gabe Furtado, letting an entire narrative unfurl and come into bloom.

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