Digital tipping is the perfect solution for salons

Salon staff are missing out on hard earned tips because many people no longer carry cash. The pandemic and the ever evolving cashless society has made tipping harder for everyone. Digital tipping is a new solution that allows staff to take back control of how they are tipped. Staff can increase their tips by up to 20% with EasyTip.

Revolutionising the tipping experience

EasyTip offers a fair way of tipping that is transparent for both customers and salon staff. With the use of a QR code, customers can tip their favourite salon stylist in just 3 seconds. EasyTip’s user journey is straightforward so customers are more likely to leave tips. The steps are simple. Firstly, customers scan the QR code featured on postcards or mirror stickers displayed around the salon. Secondly, the customer can select which stylist they want to tip and enter the amount they wish to pay. Finally, the customer can leave a review and click pay. All payments can be made with credit or debit cards, Google pay or Apple pay and are secure and safe.

App-free tipping

EasyTip’s digital tipping solution is 100% app free for customers. Customers don’t want to add any more apps to their devices if they don’t have to. In fact, 91% of people don’t want to download an app just to be able to use a product or service (Forbes 2021). QR tipping is the best solution for everyone because it is quick, easy and more convenient than downloading an app.

Tax reporting regulations made simple

Organising tax in Salons is not as straightforward as some other businesses. EasyTip’s digital QR tipping platform offers multiple reporting options to perfectly suit all salons. Stylists can register as self-reporting or opt in for employer-reporting. This way, no matter the employment status, staff can be secure in the fact that their taxes will be organised accordingly.

EasyTip is already helping hundreds of salons simplify their tip collection for their staff and customers. With their app-free platform, businesses can be confident that their customers can easily and conveniently pay tips. The tax reporting options are perfectly suited to all salons making digital tipping the best option for businesses.

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