Indie pop artist + producer Jenna Kyle shares her experimental, worldly debut EP “Ojos” out now

LA-based indie-pop artist, singer/songwriter, producer and live electronic artist, Jenna Kyle, shares her debut EP, Ojos, today. The release represents a new era for Kyle, who has actively been leaving her mark as one of the 2% of female music producers in the industry. With more of a techno and world-influenced sound and English and Spanish lyrics, the focus track, “Abre La,” and the Ojos EP marks a new openness and experimental nature of Jenna Kyle’s production and writing style.

Kyle says, “During 2020 we were living in our small NYC apartment, feeling trapped, uncreative, just trying to keep sane and alive. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder right before the pandemic hit which was already up-ending. I was reading Leonard Cohen’s ‘The Flame’ which kept it real and helped me process some of the darkness. The lyrics “I speak with Jenna night and day, it’s highs and lows and highs again” were inspired by Cohen’s poem where he addresses himself directly; “I love to speak with Leonard, He’s a poet and a Shepard, He’s a lazy bastard Living in a suit”. The English verses are more self-aware, while the Spanish breakdown was written all at once at 4am, the imagining of a more open world. Writing ‘Abre La’ which means “open it, or open her” was probably my way to not go mad!”