The Mighty One Releases Red-Hot Album ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’

The Mighty One is a serious force to be reckoned with. We saw this in their debut back in 2007 and time and time again with each album released since. However, their latest release ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’ propels the group to a whole other realm. Each of the ten tracks is an effortless evolution from their past releases as they run riot in the rock and roll realms. Honestly, this is no surprise as The Mighty One’s frontman Tim Steinruck has spent a lifetime grinding. As we know, this industry is full of surprises and despite signing a deal with Paul Stanley back in 1989, it’s now that The Mighty One is breathing life into the rock world once again. Whatever journey they’ve taken to release this outstanding album, we’re just happy to have it in our headphones. 

The Mighty One self-professedly provides “gut-crushing rock, thick, powerful chords and virulent melodies” and when it comes to ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’ they couldn’t be more right. Whilst it isn’t the track that kicks off the album, I think it’s apt to start with the title track ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’. This track is an absolute performance powerhouse. It tells the groups origin story with captivating clarity whilst offering up everything from the quote above. Tim Steinruck’s vocals stand front and centre in the mix as he showcases exactly why he’s rising the ranks in the world of rock. ‘Disrupter’ is another standout. Bob Wagner’s dynamic drum lines propel the track forward with vivacity and excitement sometimes missed in modern rock and roll. This fast-paced song is fuelled by the undeniable talent all three of the band members have at their fingertips. Concluding this goldmine of musical mastery, ‘When This Is Over’ speaks on the recent events that shook up the world. With the electric energy, gut-crushing chords and mesmerising melodies that this track flexes, The Mighty One are shaking up the world of rock. Gustavo Valderrama’s bass booms through the soundscape. Seriously, you’ll be feeling it in your bones. ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’ is a melting pot of past and present influence, scorched together in a flame lit many years ago. If there’s one thing we can count on The Mighty One for, it’s keeping the Rock and Roll torch ablaze. 


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By Sasha Lauryn