Brian Charles Tischleder Release Impactful Single ‘I Can’t Breathe’

Brian Charles Tischleder is known for an outstanding fusion of Americana, Rock and Roll and folk, all sewn into one slick sound. In his latest release, Brian is uniting these elements once again, but this time with momentous meaning. His recent single ‘I Can’t Breathe’ speaks on the tragedy of the killing of George Floyd, which took place in Brian’s hometown. After witnessing one of the bleakest times in modern-day history, Brian Charles Tischleder responded how a singer-songwriter knows best, through his music. The single comes out of his recent body of work “This Town” which explores his personal relationship with his home, Minneapolis. The whole album is swimming in mesmerising melodies, slick guitar lines and vibrant vocals. Yet none will have you stop in your tracks quite like ‘I Can’t Breathe’.  

‘I Can’t Breathe’ begins with a haunting piano ostinato. It’s after this has rung in the air, setting the solemn tone, that the gentle guitar lines, dynamic drum line and vibrant bass line pour in. Brian Charles Tischleder’s vocals are rooted in the raspy tone unique to his artistry as he explores a painful period for the city he grew up in. “I watched Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin kill George Floyd on the streets of my hometown, Minneapolis. This town where I learned to play a guitar after watching Dr. Mambo’s Combo at Bunkers every Sunday night… This town was now the home of a murderous act of hate and racism.  This town was now the epicentre of social unrest,” says Brian. This pain and confusion swims through the track with each whispered refrain, each quiet moment and the real rawness of the vocals. A free-flowing saxophone sails over the soundscape below, breaking up each section with a stunning jazz feel. Tonia Hughes’ backing vocals add a beautiful depth to the sonic landscape. Yet it’s her solo sections, rich with riffs and a captivating closeness that propels this track to new heights. It’s the inescapable intimacy that pays tribute to a pinnacle time of inhumanity and racism and makes ‘I Can’t Breathe’ such an impactful, powerful performance. 

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By Sasha Lauryn