Ranzel X Kendrick Releases Breathtaking Single ‘Cross My Heart’

‘Cross My Heart’ is Ranzel X Kendrick’s latest addition to his immensely diverse discography — and what a stunning single it is. Ranzel X Kendrick has three albums and a concert’s worth of EP’s out already, yet his latest EP ‘Foreglow’ shows a whole new side to his astonishing artistry. Whichever sonic universe his sound may swing to, it’s his vibrant vocal presence that firmly grounds each work in his own unique genre. Ranzel X Kendrick is unwaveringly who he is, and it’s consistently captivating. His latest single, ‘Cross My Heart’ is no different. 

‘Cross My Heart’ boasts the sweetest simplicity. With a soundscape rooted in natural instrumentation, ‘Cross My Heart’ reminds you of the power of acoustic music. Ranzel X Kendrick’s vocals shine over all else. His gentle tone sails over the slick soundscape below as he laments on a love losing its momentum. Whilst ‘Cross My Heart’ has an almost Bossanova type feel, once again it’s seemingly impossible to pin Ranzel X Kendrick’s work to one genre. He often transcends traditional labels and yet again he’s blurring the lines. The harmonies created by Kendrick are, quite simply, stunning. There are recurring harmonic moments that create the most delicate of crescendos’ sprinkled throughout this single. The rise and falls, gentle push and pulls, of these vocal breaks are breathtaking. They almost reflect the ebbs and flows of the love this single describes and in doing so ‘Cross My Heart’ makes the most beautifully emotive listening. The light percussion sprinkled over the single is some real ear candy. It feels more decorative than a structural device that you might expect. Whatever the intention, its layer adds flair to the free-flowing nature of this laid back anthem. Whilst ‘Cross My Heart’ might, on first appearance, seem like light listening, it’s perhaps the most intriguing and beautifully crafted single to have swum through my speakers in a while. 

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By Sasha Lauryn