Fighting for Frequency New Album ‘A Million Miles Away’

A hard-rock rush, Fighting for Frequency holds nothing back on the full-on assault of “A Million Miles Away.” Distortion reigns supreme for theirs is an intense urgent album. The rhythms have a powerful potency to the rest of the track. Vocals feature a great commanding presence resting in the very center of it all. Over the course of the journey, they capture a sense of pure chaos, even as the guitar riffs run on through woven together to craft a universe that feels distinctly their own.

Album –

Raging on through the album starts off on a high note on the soaring athletics of “Signs” which opens things up. On the flip-side of things “Fast Forward” has a quiet open, as they use a bit more subtle flourishes at first. Here an incredible buildup occurs for the song churns and works itself up into a frenzy. Sprawling and ambitious, the piece ebbs and flows, giving it an adventurous quality.

Thrashing on through “Ready to Fall” goes for a great power to it, as the nimble drums hold back at first before they bloom in full. Lyrics have a powerful defiance on the dense interwoven “Still Standing.” With the title track “A Million Miles Away” they let a bit of reflection into the fray. Closing everything up with such poignancy is the catchy “Favorite Song.”

Fighting for Frequency explores a burst of pure adrenaline on the wild animalistic “A Million Miles Away.”

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