Randy Seedorff Presents “Dream”

A driving rhythm and a celebration of America’s wide-open spaces, Randy Seedorff does country rock right with “Dream”. His voice has a strong, reassuring cadence about it. Every word here further adds to the sense of majesty that rides on through the track. Firmly rooted in a pure Americana sensibility, there is a majestic quality to everything, from the hard-hitting drums that help to power the thing forward to the intense guitar riffs that work to highlight the strong tenor of his voice. By far though his lyricism has a sense of peace about it, one where he is discovering how to accomplish his dreams, offering encouragement to the listener as well.

No buildup he dives headfirst into the colossal presence, as there is a clear western twang to the whole thing. The layers intermingle in a way that weaves everything on through. Such a delicate situation of the sound feels wonderful. Great swirls of the sound roll on through for there is an expansiveness to his approach. Seemingly never-ending, the meditative portion comes from this cyclical take on the groove, making sure the whole groove has a presence that gives off a distinct richness to it. Over the course of the work it grows and elaborates upon the initial theme resulting in something that has a living, breathing presence about it.

“Dream” shows off Randy Seedorff’s masterful storytelling and undeniable positivity for he creates a world that feels absolutely unlimited with potential.