New Video By Greg Hoy ‘Highway 101’

With every passing single, Greg Hoy keeps stepping up his game to unreachable levels. For the past 15 years, from being an impressive singer-songwriter to being his own recording engineer, he’s seen and done it all. Hoy rocks every stage he steps onto, and over the past year, he’s stepped into the spotlight as a solo artist. Taking after the sounds of legends like Dave Grohl and Jack White, his music has gained the attention of music listeners everywhere. His songs can be heard throughout ads and videos like Pinterest brand videos and American Express commercials.

Cacophony 2 is the second of three EP releases. Like all of Hoy’s songs, a story lies deep within the words and sounds of the lead single “Highway 101”. However, the sound on this track has an old-school twang that makes you stop and listen. The beats are still danceable, and the guitar riffs still hold strong muscles but with a relaxed retro twang to it. The song is about hopping in a car with the top down and making memories. The lyrics describe a road trip of sorts as Greg reflects on past memories, playing out like ear candy with a pining feeling of nostalgia.

The “Highway 101” video starts with a toy station wagon pulled by a string as the background shows a flickering film. Throughout the video, we watch as the car continues to “drive” and the background behind it continues to roll footage of rolling hills and other beautiful scenery. One of the featured backdrops is the colorful visionary of Salvation Rock in California. In between the driving clips, we see Hoy and his bandmates in a studio in Cook County, Minnesota, as they lay down the tracks to the song. It’s a timeless video, and we can’t wait to see what Greg comes up with next.