Isaac Krapf Showcases New Singles

Isaac Krapf goes for an intensity with his hard rocking rhythms. Beyond the sound’s wild, unhinged groove the lyrics pierce the very soul. Volume stuns as there are elements of shoegaze, noise rock, and space rock with hints of psychedelic added in for good measure. The approach has a compact, consistent tact for he goes deep into the red. Pushing the sound out there is a wall-like approach with the whole thing simply crashing over the listener. From the intense drums to the guitar riffs that run on throughout, his is a uniquely dense and beguiling atmosphere.

Truly sprawling and ambitious in scope, “The Hollow” moves forward with fantastic driving tempos that tear everything apart. Raw grit defines the devasting one-two punch of “Seasick” for the vocals have a dramatic flair about them, with the guitars running on through the whole of the piece in a way that feels so satisfying to experience. With a gentler tact comes the reflective “Autumn” for the guitars feature a nimbleness to them. By far the highlight the technical precision is a marvel, as the piece is a multi-suite symphonic ode. Buildup works wonders on the mysterious exploration of “Faces” for the work seems to have a thoughtful, reflective disposition. A garage rock flavor takes shape on the jagged edges of “Mirror” featuring some impeccable drum work to keep things limber.

Done with such dignity, Isaac Krapf has a grandeur to the way that the songs unspool in their symphonic way.

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