Quranic The MC releases new visuals “Keep Pushing”

90’s baby Quran Isaac Lee grew up in a “split” family, despite this he owes to both of his parents equally his passion for music with his father being a locally accomplished artist and his mother being a die-hard music enthusiast. He was raised in the city of Dayton, Ohio and was influenced by multiple cultures/religions, especially Islam and Christianity. Very early on he showed an aptitude for literature and even kept a journal of short stories and poems. His affinity for music would best be accredited to the environment he was a product of at his home(s).

Quran was raised by his father , a performer and producer known as Ras Cassii who had even founded an indie label, and his mother, a pathologist who was also an avid music fan who would help shape his taste with her own diverse playlists ranging between classic funk, R&B, Hip Hop and dance-hall. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Damian Marley, Nas, Michael Jackson, Prince and the Poor Righteous Teachers, he sought to create music that would promote positivity and touch peoples emotions.