A Truly Captivating Album From Martin Aelred Colgan: Last Boat To St. Helena

A trained opera singer and multi-instrumentalist, the album “Last Boat To St. Helena” is a return to Martin Colgan’s alternate rock roots. It also truly demonstrates his musicianship once more where he has produced, arranged & performed on all tracks.

This is an album that both surprises and turns. Ostensibly acoustic yet bathed in various styles, the songs range from a sea shanty in “Last Boat to St. Helena” to an evocative instrumental tone poem in “Essencia”. MaC also journeys to the brazen and beautiful Flamenco infused “City People”. This is all interspersed with love songs that tear and draw the listener in with a vocal range that should leave a lasting impression. There are some moments of instant gratification as with the incandescent “Flame” but others demand a second listen to unveil the appeal.

Check out the memorable lyric video for the lead track of the same name:

And also have a listen to the chill-out remix from Christie Prentice:


Released via Hummdrumm Records founded by Ronny Anderson.