Top 3 reasons to hire a crane

Cranes play a vital part in many small and large construction projects. They are often relied on by various industries to lift and move heavy, cumbersome materials and can be used to construct roads, buildings, bridges and more.

But the question is, should you buy a crane outright or opt for crane hire?

If your company regularly requires the use of a crane, purchasing one can certainly have its perks. But buying a crane is a significant financial investment – one that will set you back thousands and thousands of pounds. Perhaps hiring a crane would be more beneficial?

Here we look at the reasons why you should (at least) consider heavy crane hire.

You can hire lifting equipment for all jobs

Arguably the best thing about renting a crane is that you will have the option to use various types of cranes. And if you have never hired a crane before, you can arrange a contract lift to ensure that every aspect is taken care of.

Most reputable crane hire companies have a comprehensive fleet of well-maintained and tested cranes to choose from – including city cranes, heavy-duty cranes, mobile tower cranes, self-erecting cranes and telescopic cranes. So you’re sure to find something to suit your project requirements.

You could even hire multiple cranes for large-scale projects from the same trusted company. Not only will this save on the paperwork but it will also allow you to get the job done in minimal time, without sacrificing safety.

There’s no need to worry about finding storage

One thing worth noting is that if you buy a crane, you need to make sure that you have ample storage space available.

If space is already at a premium at your site, or you undertake a vast range of projects and will require a different crane for each job, crane hire is ideal.

Hiring a crane will save you the hassle and expense of finding a storage unit big enough to accommodate your machinery. And once your project is complete, the crane hire company can come and collect it from you, so you don’t have to worry about finding a safe place to keep it.

In most cases, you can hire a crane for as long as you need

Of course, it depends on the crane hire firm, but hiring a crane gives you the flexibility to hire it on a short- or long-term basis.

What’s more, if your project is taking slightly longer than you anticipated, get in touch with the crane company and they should be able to extend your lease for a fee.

Although you have to give the crane back once the contract is up, you’ll have the opportunity to use the latest lifting equipment (including any new technological features) for your next project. And we can’t speak for all crane hire specialists, but Bryn Thomas Cranes invest millions of pounds into their modern, versatile fleet to ensure they can offer a solution for all customers!

To buy or not to buy a crane?

You should now know a little bit more about crane hire and the advantages it can bring. However, if you’re still thinking about buying a crane, there are several factors you need to consider.

These include:

  • Storage do you have a secure place to store the crane when it’s not in use? Or will you need to rent storage space?
  • Maintenance cranes are complex machines and require a lot of maintenance. This should be done regularly and any necessary repairs must be completed by a qualified technician or engineer with the correct skillset.
  • Transportation if you’re purchasing a crane, you’ll need a suitable vehicle to transport it to your base safely.
  • Safety considerations are you aware of the current rules and regulations? You will be responsible for ensuring that all the appropriate safety measures are in place so it’s worth brushing up on them.
  • Training, certification and licensing any crane needs a fully certified operator, therefore, staff training is not something that you can afford to cut corners on.
  • Insurance not only will you need to arrange cover for the crane, but you will also need to ensure that your team is fully insured to use the crane for all jobs.