Blade massage machine with microcurrent and vibration function

“Stream”, the world’s first blade-type massage device using microcurrent and vibration functions, launched the ” Stream Mini,” which is easy to carry and has a high price-to-performance ratio, starting with the launch of Wadiz Funding on the 30th.

Strick made fascial relaxation tool (IASTM), which is a complex and diverse form, convenient with one product. It is a massage 출장안마 machine that can be easily and easily self-cared by adding microcurrent and vibration functions. In 2019, it raised more than 400 million dollars from Kickstarter and was selected as an innovation startup at CES 2020. The Strick Mini, which was released this time, has enhanced durability and price-to-performance ratio while maintaining the advantages of existing models. Strick explained that it reduced weight and increased battery usage time. The size has been reduced by 20% from the existing product (13.4), reducing it to 9.2 centimeters that fit the hand.

Strick Mini is a product that has been researched and introduced for a year after the launch of the existing product,” said a massage representative. “People who have stiff neck or shoulders or feel pain in their wrists, waist, and knees can easily relax their muscles if they use it.“. CEO Oh added, “The cellulite cream released together can also have a body-slimming effect.“. The estimated market price is 128,000 won.

Strick Mini raised expectations with more than 1,600 people applying for notification before its launch and exceeded its target 100% in just 10 minutes of funding. He also topped the Wadiz rankings, raising more than 60 million won in just six hours of funding. ‘Strick Mini’ Wadiz Funding will run until August 2nd. You can experience it directly at Space Wadiz located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. Space Wadiz will be available until the 11th.