4 Fun Activities to Taught Your Children About Music

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No wonder every parent wants their children to grow physically and intellectually. However, you can’t limit your children to schools to grow and develop from innocent souls to successful people. Do you wish to increase your child’s cognitive, creative, social-economic, and communication skills? Then, take a step further by indulging your children in different music fun-filled activities for their development.

Music is one of the best ways to express emotions, and it helps bring people together. However, teaching music to children is, without any doubt, quite a challenging task. Children usually get bored with the same or repeated activities. Hence, it is imperative to think about different exciting activities that keep your children interested in the music and also help them learn music more effectively. Are you searching for some engaging and enjoyable activities to try with your children to help them learn music? In that case, you have just come to the right place. Follow the below super exciting tips and activities to help your children learn about music:

Enroll in Music Classes

It doesn’t matter which age group your child belongs to; enrolling in a formal music class can make a significant difference. These days more and more parents wish to see their children develop social and creative skills. Therefore, different schools design music lessons for kids in a fun, nurturing environment to develop their interests. In addition, taking music classes with many other children can help them learn how to interact and communicate effectively and also help them learn discipline and patience. However, make sure to check various factors before enrolling your child in any music classes. These factors may include the instructor’s credentials, what the program has to offer, etc. With their knowledge and experience, the right music instructor can understand your kid’s interests.

As a result, they can help them steer in the right direction that best aligns with your child’s goals and interests.

Try Freeze Dance

Go different and introduce your kids to this fun activity called “freeze dance.” Start by creating a playlist of popular songs. Feel free to add those musical songs too that your kids might not have heard. However, ensure that the music you add to your collection is suitable for the kids. Then, play the songs one by one and ask the kids to start dancing on their beat. As you stop the music, children would have to freeze their moments right at that instant. To make it more interesting, disqualify kids that can’t match the pace of the music and don’t stop at the right time. You can play this game with the kids in various manners, such as the musical chair. Or you can ask the kids to collapse on the floor when you pause the music. That way, kids can learn new dance steps and explore new music in different genres. Also, it helps to attain static and dynamic balance during the movements.

Make Them Draw What They Hear

For many individuals, art and music go hand in hand. Does your kid love to draw? Then turn on some music, bring out a coloring book and invite your child to draw in it. You can even turn it into an exciting game by making your kid listen to different music for some minutes and then let them draw what they hear. Make sure to choose different sounds to let your kid identify various emotions and moods from those sounds and draw them. That way, you can also learn what your child’s preference in music is. Moreover, you can teach your children to strengthen their grips with crayon songs. The crayon song helps kids learn where to put their fingers in the crayon to hold a crayon, hence refines their motor skills.

Musical Hide and Seek

You might already be aware of the traditional hide and seek game. However, you can turn this game into a more entertaining one by adding a touch of music. The musical hide and seek game can sharpen the listening and sensing skills of kids. First, place a blindfold on your kid’s eyes and hide the musical instrument somewhere in a safe place. Now, play the music on that instrument and ask your kid to find it. Give subtle hints to make it easier for your kid. Such as if the sounds get mellow, the kid is away from the instrument. If the musical sound gets too loud, the kid is somewhere near the device. Make it more competitive by adding a time limit to find the instrument so that your kid gets more involved in the game.


It comes as no surprise that every other kid likes to groove to the music. And all this moving and shaking also improves the cognitive skills of a person. Music is a great way to alleviate stress, enhance vocabulary, and learn to rhyme. In addition, through music, self-conscious kids can easily beat the shyness factor and appear more confident in their circle. With these fun activities, your kids can become music savvy and achieve a sense of fulfillment and happiness.