Maddox Jones releases official music video for “Can’t Wait For The Summer”

Singer-songwriter Maddox Jones is bringing some much-needed optimism to listeners this Spring with the release of his latest single “Can’t Wait for the Summer” on April 16th with visuals dropping this week!

A breezy and bittersweet ode to simpler times, “Can’t Wait for the Summer” captures in song our collective desire to escape the trials and tribulations of the past year and enjoy carefree summer days once again. Jones’ new single sees the singer-songwriter reminiscing about romantic memories over a vibrant palette of guitar, synths and vocal harmonies, as he recalls “dreaming the day away into an 8track recorder, wishing you were mine”.

Masterfully bringing together a carefree pop vibe with subtle notes of nostalgia, Maddox Jones is helping the nation push through these final few weeks of lockdown with “Can’t Wait for the Summer”. “This release is a fun, optimistic guitar driven pop record perfect for now as we all can’t wait for this summer and for lockdown to finally be over!”

– Maddox Jones