What is the most perfect and comprehensive cure for ED?

When you are suffering from ED all you think about is how you can fight off this nagging male sexual disorder and get completely cured of it.

We will like to inform you that there is nothing as such to get disheartened if you have ED. It’s not time that you give up on a blissful sexual life.

With treatments for ED available such as ED medicines like Cenforce 100, you can get completely cured of ED.

You can easily cure yourself of ED with our comprehensive cure plan which we have described here which is more than just taking in your daily pill of any ED med daily.

But before we dive into our ED cure plan you need to know the underlying factors behind ED and why the use of medicines is not enough on its own to cure you of ED completely.

Underlying factors behind ED

So, what causes ED? Is it caused naturally or is it some form of a genetic disorder?

ED is not any type of genetic disorder and it’s always caused naturally due to some prevailing sexual or psychological disorder.

A different term for ED that is impotence is used when the lack of erections occurs because it’s completely natural or because of an accident, injury, or other external reasons than a physical or psychological disorder.

But anyways whatever is the reason for your ED you can always use ED pills like Vidalista 20 mg or generic Tadalafil to cure your erections.

Physical factors causing ED

Most of the physical factors for ED may seem to be completely unrelated at first. But based on some logical inference you can quickly find out the physical factors causing ED.

All the ED physical factors are based upon one basic reason and that is the lack of proper blood flow to the penis.

All the physical factors that result in ED Are given below-

  • Cardiac disorders
  • Nerve disorders
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Low blood pressure problems
  • Liver and kidney problems on some rare occasions

Psychological problems causing ED

Apart from the physical disorders causing ED psychological factors can also cause ED too. The basic reason is when you get an erection it’s your brain that causes feelings of sex and lust to generate.

When you are suffering from psychological problems such as-

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Panic
  • Stress

You are not able to have feelings to have sex.

Even with any psychological problems backing your ED you can easily get cured provided you take the long-term cure path using the right medicines and be in constant touch with a doctor.

Why are medicines not enough on their own to cure ED disorder?

Medicines can be quite helpful in curing your ED disorder. Most of the time even to see the slightest betterment in your erections you have to wait for a few weeks or even months.

You have to understand that medicines may not be able to cure you entirely of ED disorder. The use of medicines is only done temporarily.

The effects of the pills will only last till the time the generic ingredient in them such as Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil, are active.

This is the reason why you got to take some more measures in your life to fight better against ED and increase your chances of a proper cure.

What is the ED comprehensive cure plan all about?

The ED comprehensive cure plan is aimed at not only using medicines. Of course, using medicines is that the forefront of your ED treatment, but there is something more to it.

You got to indulge in some more cure forms for ED which can be done from home and with little consultation from the doctor.

What are the supplementary forms of ED cure that are DIY from home?

Indeed in the comprehensive cure plan, there are some simple measures that you can take starting today to see the long-term positive benefits of sticking to the ED comprehensive cure plan.

Avoid all contradictory substances

You have to avoid all contradictory substances and completely omit them from your life. There are some non-medicinal substances and some medicinal substances that can contradict the ED pills.

Let’s look at the non-medicinal substances first-

Within the non-medicinal items include-

  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Narcotic drugs such as cocaine
  • Grape juice

Thus you can see that those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs are at higher risk category as they can suffer from severe side effects.

On the list of medicinal substances include-

  • Some specific antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral medicines
  • Other ED drugs
  • Anti-blood coagulant pills
  • Blood pressure-lowering pills
  • Nitrate derivative compounds containing medicines

As you know that it is always better to pay a visit to the doctor and find out if there are those compounds or brands in the medicines that you are taking that have been mentioned above.

Because if any of these medicines are being taken side by side with ED medications Such as Kamagra oral jelly then the results of side effects can be worrisome.

Doing exercises and yoga

You have to indulge yourself in doing various types of yoga and exercises. Don’t worry if you have not done any yoga or exercises before you don’t need to consult someone expert. Doing these simple stretching exercises is simple and you can take help from youtube.

All you got to do is devote some time according to your convenience daily. Devote some times daily on doing some basic exercise such as running, jogging or pilates exercise.

Taking good care of your diet

Diet will form an important and critical factor in your ED fight off. There are as such no dietary restrictions when you are taking medicine for ED.

But remember to generally avoid all types of heavy food items with a lot of butter, ghee, cheese, and oil.

You can include items such as green veggies, fruits, legumes, cereals, etc.