Hear new single ‘OH YEAH’ – Jordana Talsky

How often do you face yourself – actively reflect on your life? How has the circumstance of our current time changed the way you connect with yourself? My new song, “Oh Yeah,” represents a moment of awakening, like when you remember something you had forgotten about a dream that all of a sudden comes back in a flash, a moment to stand outside of yourself and contemplate, embrace, and inquire of your life. It takes work, all the time, to choose not to look away and to be honest with ourselves. These moments, delicate and challenging, are insights into our authentic selves, that may offer a fresh vantage point from which we can choose to heal and evolve.

Inspirational, fun and harmony-rich indie-pop, “Oh Yeah” is about listening to your inner voice and taking faith in the spark you uncovered deep within you.


I’m a choir of one with my loop machine! All of the sounds are made by my voice or body. It has been empowering to take command of my music as my own accompanist. My shift to making music with myself through vocal looping parallels an inner shift of feeling more secure in myself. I look forward to sharing my all vocal looping EP later this year.

Thank you for listening, Jordana Talsky