Scandi Dream/Pop New Single

Yndling is the dream pop project of Norwegian artist Silje Espevik. This musical endeavour is the result of wanting to take complete creative control over her music. Through delicate soundscapes and oscillating synths, Yndling invites listeners into her own world, offering a place of escapism and resonance through her lyricism.

Following the release of her debut single “Childish Fear,” Yndling is unveiling the sweet and euphoric “Cotton Candy Skies.” After feeling sad and a bit heartbroken for a while, Yndling found herself in a state of self pity she couldn’t pull herself out of, almost taking comfort in the familiar feeling of being down. She confides, “The idea for the song came as I was walking home one evening and the sky was really brilliant with pink clouds all over. Normally I’m quite good at making small moments like that lift my mood and feel better, and it kind of struck me that I hadn’t really been doing that well on being present in my life lately.”

The first lyrics of the song goes, “Cotton Candy Skies, my life is floating by, and with the fear of no surprises, my mind it’s in the thinnest of slices”, touching on her feelings at that moment in time and how life seemed to be slipping through her fingers. The song acts as a reminder to shake yourself out of the funk, and to recognise your emotions without being overwhelmed with them. Through whimsical synths, an intoxicating groove and deliciously breathy vocals, Yndling draws us into her dreamy, pastel-coloured paradise.