@skopemag news – wednesday – may 19, 2021 @ 5 pm est

@skopemag news – wednesday – may 19, 2021 @ 5 pm est

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The first song Quin ever made was a remix of a track by Chicago’s teenage drill rapper Lil Mouse. The song earned him a local buzz in his neighborhood and Austin at large, as the city began to take notice of the then-15-year-old who was just beginning to make noise. His momentum only grew when he released the video for “Gametime Pt. 2,” a track that finds Quin at his most aggressive, and promoted the clip on the SayCheese platform. Quin stayed consistent while maneuvering the pitfalls of Austin’s small scene and, a year later, he shared a snippet of the song that would change his life. Within days, the video for “Talkin’ My Shit,” a bass-heavy dose of Quin’s charisma and swagger, went viral, and his promise to his mom became a guarantee.

East Forest releases “Undying”

East Forest has shared “Undying,” another new song from his forthcoming album Possible (out July 23). The new single leans into the contemporary classical underpinnings of his work, centered around an evocative piano progression that lulls in patient repetition as members of the Boise Philharmonic 208 ensemble craft an intricate web of stirring string harmonies throughout. The song follows previous album singles “Possible” and “Can’t Fall Out of Love,” which were similarly built around the soft, warm tone of a weathered 102-year old Baldwin piano he found in a music shop in Boise, and which tap into the album’s core intent to create a musical space for self-discovery and healing.

STACEY shares retro-celestial “Strange (But I Like It)” single

LA-based indie pop singer, songwriter and Wurlitzer enthusiast, STACEY, is sharing her retro-celestial, debut album, Saturn Return, with the universe this Friday, May 21. Saturn Return (a time of aligning with one’s true path) is a musical cruise from 60s psychedelic day-trips to glossy 70s daydreams, and STACEY crystallizes the nostalgic longing of golden age pop records into lyrical refractions for the modern era. With previous singles “The Songwriter,” “One Woman,” “D.M.T” and “Far Away,” the energy of “That 70s show chic (LADYGUNN) and “Psychedelic pop with a modern twist (Wonderland Magazine) has been illuminated in full technicolour already and tmrw Magazine says, “If the goal was to enchant us all into anticipating the upcoming album, it has certainly worked.”

Watch Now – Papi Shiitake “Born As Lovers”

Mornings in bed on the beach. Cold on a summer afternoon. A windy day in a VW camper van parked along the coastline. Papi Shiitake takes you away and keeps you at the moment with his top of 60s inspired dreamscapes through “Born As Lovers”.

Typhoon shares video for lead single “Empire Builder”

Today, Portland band Typhoon shares a video for “Empire Builder”, the lead single from their fifth studio album Sympathetic Magic which came out on January 22 through Roll Call Records.

The video is an animation from Casey Jarman and like the song, is a train-trip across America and through the mind.

Skooby – Hot Pistols

“This song is produced by Gsco Beats and was recorded at Capitalwavent. It is a hard gangster style rap/hip hop song, a little bit of a chicago/detroit style except with a Canadian twist. I hope you guys enjoy.” – Skooby

SHAED Drops Video for “High Dive (Feat. Lewis Del Mar)”

Multi-Platinum D.C. trio SHAED has shared the music video for “High Dive (Feat. Lewis Del Mar)” – the brand new single and title-track from their debut album, which was released on Friday via Photo Finish Records.


I use my phone a lot of the time as a form of escapism since it’s its own digital cosmos. Getting cut off from that world is quite scary to me, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

My new song, “3%,” is all about the feeling that comes when we see a low percentage notification and the chaos that ensues.

Lydia Ainsworth shares video for “Cosmic Dust”; new album Sparkles & Debris out this Friday

“Making a music video in lockdown has its challenges but working with my friend Eli Welbourne has allowed me to transcend all obstacles,” says Ainsworth. “At home in Toronto I taped myself singing and dancing and sent the clips to Eli who in LA used them to create otherworldly laser animations. He developed a new tracking technique for this video that might just be new territory in the laser game!! All I know is that he created a video more magical than I could ever have hoped for, his layered laser kaleidoscope of images allows me to hear and feel the song in new ways. I hope you enjoy!”

Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog Shares New Song “The Activist”

Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog today shared their new song “The Activist” from their upcoming album Hope releasing June 25 via Northern Spy. “I like to rant. Ranting is a kind of semi-involuntary spewing of something that seems to be very urgent.” says Marc Ribot regarding the track. “This particular rant came up after going to a lot of Activist meetings. Now, don’t get me wrong: some of my best friends are Activists. I’ve even been accused of being one myself (although after reading Astra Taylor’s essay “Against Activism” I try to aspire to being an organizer, or at least a radical). Anyway— I got frustrated at a couple of meetings because of people trying to posture as the most super rad instead of getting things done. Later, I was supposed to be working on a reasonable position paper of something: but stuff like this came out instead: “I don’t accept sidewalks, I walk on my hands in heavy traffic, and even that is a compromise. I don’t accept gravity, or teeth! I don’t accept you, or what the mainstream media refers to as your cute little (and I quote) “doggie.” Shahzad and Ches (my Ceramic Dog comrades) thought it was funny, so we started doing it live/improvised— and eventually came up with this jam. Party! ;-)”

Six-Time Grammy Award Winning – Black Eyed Peas Set For 4K Interactive Streaming Experience – June 11th

Melrose Media announced today that they are event producing the six-time Grammy award winning genre bending pioneers Black Eyed Peas who are set for an exclusive 4K interactive streaming experience June 11th on BEPLIVE.COM. This show will be the Black Eyed Peas first show in support of their 2020 platinum selling album Translation, which even during the pandemic found success in a series of chart-topping singles, collectively winning numerous award nominations, as well as gold, platinum, and diamond certifications globally and sparking viral TikTok challenges.

SOMNURI: new animated video “Desire Lines” premiering on Revolver Magazine!

Brooklyn progressive sludge trio SOMNURI teamed up with Revolver Magazine to present a trip-inducing and unnerving animated video for their third single “Desire Lines”. Their new album ‘Nefarious Wave’ will be released on June 4th through Blues Funeral Recordings.

HANNES GROSSMANN Releases New Single “In The Glacier’s Eye” – Premiering via Metal Sucks

Speaking exclusively with Metal Sucks about the new track, Hannes states, “This song is probably one of the catchiest songs I’ve written so far. Still, you can clearly hear my signature. Hence I’m stoked to share this new single from my upcoming album with you all.” Going on, he adds, “The new album features my most melodic, heaviest material so far. Compared to my previous releases, I focussed even more on straightforward songwriting than ever before.

Song Premiere: Hannes Grossmann’s “In the Glacier’s Eye”

Philadelphia Soul Artist Dondi Debuts New Video “Live It Up” – Out Friday!

As the weather warms up and almost half of the US vaccinated, summer 2021 is turning out to be a celebration of unity and hope. Award-winning R&B/soul artist Dondi captures this spirit of a harmonious community in his new video, “Live It Up,” set to release on May 21, 2021.

New // emie nathan – “upstream”

Welcome in the chilling yet spirited essence of sophomore song “upstream” by emie nathan. Capturing life’s many highs-and-lows, with all its internal & external battles, this track pushes its listeners into soul-searching mode, and one that’ll have them cherishing the moments worth savouring whilst remembering those you’ve lost.

“Tampa” Hitmaker Cico P Shares New “See Me” Music Video

He may be known for his hit single “Tampa,” but rising rapper Cico P hails from Jacksonville, TX, a town of 14,500 about a two-hour drive from Dallas. Giving a glimpse into life in his little-known hometown, Cico shares “See Me,” his latest music video. An emotional slice of Southern rap, “See Me” finds Cico using his drawl and trademark layered vocals to skate atop chirping organs and snarling guitars, alluding to the hardship and losses that made him who he is today: “You never been through the struggle, your life ain’t so hard, so you cannot preach to me,” spits Cico. The video paints a compelling portrait of trap life in rural areas, as Cico drives his ATV around town before stopping to talk his smack on a neighborhood basketball court.

Chin Injeti is “Golden” with New Single Featuring Thieves Like Us

If there ever was a time when we could all use a soothing sonic shot of hope, it’s now during these days of pandemic-shadowed uncertainty. With “Golden,” Injeti and co-writer/producer Brian West are delivering a much needed dose that will certainly travel from the ears directly to the heart with its message of self-forgiveness and redemption.

Hitmaker BEVERLEE shares new single + video “Logic Is Lost”

“I wrote this song before the pandemic, about the separation I was feeling from New York as I was slipping into my queer skin and becoming “woo woo” in the west. All the places I knew in NY no longer existed, and LA didn’t quite yet fit. That first line “LA looks like a hooker in the rain” actually was inspired by an episode of Comedy Bang Bang! At the time, the marching down the streets was referring to the women’s march, but the rioting and the apocalyptic world took on a whole other meaning during the pandemic. Some of the samples in the bridge, and the one at the end “we have to find a vaccine” were added after-the-fact and were all from old B Roll horror movies.”

Yndi’s “Nuit” video debuts via Flaunt

“Nuit is the darkest track on my album,” Yndi explains, “The music video is not only a love letter to video-games that deeply affected me throughout my life, but also a research on how these games aesthetics reveal our basic emotions like fear, curiosity or empathy.”


Eduardo Joy Olvera García es conocido en la industria musical como JOY-K. El cantautor nació en Ecuador, pero es residente de los Estados Unidos. En el 2017 comenzó su carrera como cantante en el genero de Reggaeton, en la ciudad de Cuenca, Ecuador, una parte del país que es conocida por el Rio Tomebamba y sus artesanías.

Oh Condor release “gritty, passionate and forward moving,” indie rock opus, Emergency Psychic, Friday

Blind Rage Records recently announced the release of Oh Condor’s latest LP, Emergency Psychic, on May 21, 2021. Emergency Psychic is a record sure to fit seamlessly into collections alongside Swervedriver, Braid, Archers of Loaf and other indie luminaries’ best and most focused efforts.

Album Stream Premiere: Oh Condor – Emergency Psychic

Producer TAABU & Singer/Songwriter OMEGA MIGHTY Serve a Bubblegum-Sweet Treat in “Ooey Gooey”

The infectiously feel-good track boasts enough layers of audio goodness to adhere to nearly every sweet tooth’s musical desires; from the Drake-reminiscent drum and bass beats, to the magically ethereal synth melodies oscillating throughout, this soon-to-be smasher is nothing short of a dreamy delicacy.