Project CONCUBINE: ‘Fuck Daddy’ (Distrokid 2021)

The London-based band Project CONCUBINE have a new single released on 26th May 2021. Fuck Daddy builds on the gauntlet they threw down with previous single I’m addictive. Vocalist and fashion muse Jera Diarc has a style that is semi-spoken and slightly wailing like a more Gothic Mark E Smith in a dance with Bright Eyes. Against his almost monotonic delivery, Hanja Martes supplies a deliciously unstable deep register drone and cool electro-ambient beat with breaks applied in all the right places, hinting at Front Line Assembly in a jam with Hot Chip. Fuck Daddy underlines their intention to mix things up and ask questions of the current alternative and electronic music scenes. They call their style ‘the new posh’ while their pronouncements are styled as ‘the voice of the ivory tower’. Remember this is a band who announced themselves to the London music scene by being arrested at their first show when a couple had live sex on stage. Project CONCUBINE are not here to mess around or do anything in a half-hearted way. This new single is dark, unsettling but energetic and engaging too.

Project CONCUBINE are on a mission and they will not be denied. Check them out on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube.