Julia Kahn blends chillwave & electro-pop in revitalizing new single “Breathe”

Nashville pop songstress Julia Kahn captivates listeners with her authenticity and soul-moving voice, blending indie-electronic production underneath a deep chillwave, RnB, soulful vibe. She carries a vibrant artistic vision that is connective and magnetic through her soulful lyrics and storytelling. Her emotive and bright rhythms heard in her newest single “Breathe” are laced with heart-felt grooves that reach out to your soul with open and welcoming palms. Pair this single with her exciting, eye-catching visuals and Julia Kahn is perfectly poised to takeover the number one spot in your pop playlists.

Julia comments, “This song is much different from my previous releases, being more of a high-energy electronic, and vibey song to move to..but underneath the layers of it is an important part to the story and my journey towards self-love that I felt needed to be expressed. It is really a song about self-empowerment, expression, and realizing your own worth!”

photos by Ashley Hurst