Best website to buy facebook profile followers

Well, are you a bit “late to the party” and are you wondering whether a fan page on Facebook still makes sense for you? And if so, how can you get more Facebook likes?

Don‘t panic, you can always start and you have the advantage of being able to properly build up your fan page right from the start. If you’re too busy to do this then visit the best website to buy facebook profile followers.

The 9 most common Facebook marketing questions and concerns

1. How can I get more Facebook fans?

The question is more: Why do you want to have more likes on Facebook at all? The sheer number of likes says nothing about your company’s success or your reach. It’s a vanity metric. Because the number of followers is publicly visible, many self-employed people insist on it: According to the motto “The more, the better”.

What really counts, however, is the quality of the exchange with your target group (do you build awareness, sympathy, and trust with your dream customers?). The interaction rate (how many of your fans actually react to your posts) and, of course, whether your fans do too at some point become customers or at least recommenders.

Lots of likes alone won’t bring you anything. More active fans who are really interested in your content, yes! Just take the test: would you follow yourself on Facebook? Would you find your own postings interesting and would you like, comment, or share them? If not, then you know what to do!

In short, you can get more fans by posting good content on Facebook on a regular basis. You might be expecting complicated strategies or the latest Facebook miracle trick at this point, but the truth is, that’s the whole secret. Interesting content and regularity for your target group.

2. What else does a Facebook page bring?

It’s true, Facebook is more and more under attack and many (mostly younger) people no longer enjoy being there. But there are 3 good reasons to continue to operate a Facebook page as a self-employed person

1. The more people know you, the more customers you can win. After Pinterest and Google, most users will still come to my website via Facebook! Facebook is still the top dog, especially for groups and events, because other networks don’t even offer these functions.

2. On a Facebook page you can place ads on Facebook and Instagram. And they can be tailored so precisely to your target group

3. Facebook, like Instagram, is very suitable for sharing micro-content. In other words, addressing topics about which you cannot or do not want to write your own blog article.

3. How can I win new customers via Facebook?

Goals for your Facebook marketing can include:

  • get X new followers per month,
  • increase the interaction rate by X%,
  • achieve a reach of X per month,
  • increase the traffic to your website by X% or
  • Post regularly (X times a week).

And ultimately, as a self-employed person, you naturally want to win customers with it.