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GOREGÄNG Streams New “Farm The Mother” Video

Filthy Floridian metal duo, GOREGÄNG have released the video for “Farm The Mother” which will be on their new EP “Long Live The Grime”. The group debuted the single last year as a stand-alone single, but have decided to rerelease the video with the updated album mix. GOREGÄNG consists of Jeramie Kling (VENOM INC, INHUMAN CONDITION, THE ABSENCE, FORE) on vocals and guitar, and Taylor Nordberg (INHUMAN CONDITION, THE ABSENCE, FORE) on drums, bass, and guitar. Ongoing with their DIY state of mind, the group will self-release their upcoming EP on their own Listenable Insanity Records on April 30th. CDs and limited edition box sets are available for pre-order at goregang.bandcamp.com

GOREGÄNG Drop Crunchy New Video "Farm The Mother"

Powerhouse Metal Act LIVING DEAD GIRL Offers New Video for “Alive” from Upcoming Debut Album

“Alive is an anthem,” says vocalist Molly Rennick. “It’s about letting loose, doing what makes you happy and being in control of your life. This video captures that energy perfectly. It’s fun, upbeat and captivating. I’m thrilled with how this video turned out and how it truly brought this song to life!”

MACK’s Ice Dreamer – New Video out today

MACK is the beating heart of hip hop, funk, jazz, neo-soul and electronic music, ideal for fans of the sounds of the black tradition that goes from J Dilla to the classics of Flying Lotus/Brainfeeder.

MACK is a mutable and hybrid creature between the black world and contaminated electronics.

The new single “Ice Dreamer” features funk/nu-metal elements of a clear 90s heritage where the incendiary flow of rapper Avex, already a guest of some featuring in MACK’s debut EP, ventures into a perfect storm of furious drumming and acid synths.

Kit Major Shares Official Music Video For “When the Drugs Don’t Work,” New Music Out This Summer

Taking inspiration from Charli XCX, Billie Eilish, and Charlotte Lawrence, “When the Drugs Don’t Work” dives into the overwhelming vulnerability and panic of failing to curb a depressive episode with medication. With this release, Kit Major furthers her efforts to be open and make light of her mental health struggles.

Young Thug Pays Bonds For Inmates At Fulton County Jail In “Paid The Fine” Video ft Gunna, Lil Baby + YTB Trench

On Sunday April 25th, Young Thug and Gunna visited Fulton County Jail, ATL, a facility that recently attracted local media attention for its extensive overcrowding with over 2900 incarcerated individuals being held there, more than 400 people over maximum capacity. Working with the district attorney’s office, lawyers, prosecutors and bond companies, Young Thug paid the bonds for a group of individuals, all of whom were being held on minor/petty offenses, and had not been able to afford the cost of release. Upon being reunited with their families, individuals and their loved ones were all given home cooked meals and a chance to celebrate being back together again.

The Ardents – New Single and Video “Outside the Lines”

The Ardents, from Scarborough England, combine a fierce storm of gritty rock with soul-stirring melodies and infectious rhythms, which they have mastered with their new single, “Outside the Lines” dropping May 7, 2021. They are known for blurring the lines between rock, blues and country as they bring a fresh new flavor to the global music scene.

Two Lanes release new single ‘Rolling Back’, featuring Panama

TWO LANES – Berlin-based siblings Leo and Rafa Schmid – will be releasing their forthcoming Reflections EP on San Holo’s beloved bitbird imprint on June 3. Alongside the news of the full EP, TWO LANES are giving fans a taste of the new music with the release of their new single ‘Rolling Back’ featuring Australian songwriter/producer Panama.


The medieval video for “RACKED” takes Tommy back to the dark ages and was shot in various locations across the Baltics and is set on a battlefield, in the grounds of a castle where Tommy plays Rapunzel and a chapel in which he is inaugurated as king. The outfits were custom-made for the clip alongside unique high-end Latvian fashion designer Mareunrol’s, who took the vision of Tommy’s and Creative Director Anna-Lisa Himma and created a world. The visuals are typically avant garde for Tommy and play on themes of medieval mythology, religion and the esoteric, pushing the boundaries of his warped sense of humor and style.

Album of Injustice & Hope – Explosive Indie Rock

VINOK is not just another indie-rock band, it’s a statement of authenticity and social change to create a new culture of justice in a land of unknown. Giving a voice for the marginalized and bluntly bringing to attention crucial problems of a global society is what the band is all about. Their topics range from disability rights to feminism, politics and religion. Vinok’s sound is an unusual mix of alternative rock and indie art-pop spiced with notes of garage punk, pulp grunge and even hip-hop.

VC Pines releases the official video for new single ‘See You Soon’

Having recently returned to share his new single ‘See You Soon’ – a collaboration with Bad Sounds – which earned him huge support from the likes of The Independent, NOTION, Wordplay Magazine, the Official Charts, and landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, VC Pines has now returned to share the official video for his newest cut.

THE NOVUS – Share new video for ‘I Serve Not’ | Debut EP ‘Thaleia Standing’ out 18th June

Leading the Gen-Z charge fuelled by council-estate angst, and longing for escape from small-town mentalities, fast-rising Midlands outfit THE NOVUS today share the video for their new single ‘I Serve Not’ – taken from the debut EP ‘Thaleia Standing’ – due Friday 18th June.

Lu Wright shares new single ‘Lovely’ feat. Civil- 29.04.21

Underpinned by a fat funk bassline, layered with jazz’soaked harmonies and soothing strings, ‘Lovely’ shimmers like the soundtrack to a balmy summer’s day. Lu’s velvet tones glide effortlessly atop the dreamy soundscape to shine a light on embracing a change of perspective to find your happy place.

Steady Rollin’s emotionally powerful ‘Dónde Te Has Metido’

Steady Rollin have announced their forthcoming single, Donde Te Has Metido (Where Have You Gone) their first Spanish-language track and one which is destined to catapult the El Salvadoran rockers into the musical stratosphere. Taken from their sophomore long-player, Stories, expected in Summer 2021, it proves that language is no barrier when it comes to great music and you’ll find yourself singing along in no time! Once again, the band combine their effortless skills with catchy melodies with universally uplifting, blues-inflected classic rock to create something both familiar and refreshingly new. Only Steady Rollin’ can bring you a track with a guitar duelling with an accordion!

Tribeless: Video for new single ‘Formed By Us’, produced by Romesh Dogangoda, is out today

After releasing several lockdown videos throughout 2020, the band started 2021 by welcoming new members Craig Williams (guitar) and Morgan Price (bass) into the fold. When it was safe to do so, they wasted no time in entering the studio with Grammy-nominated producer, Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Holding Absence, Motorhead, Twin Atlantic, Lower Than Atlantis) to record their first songs as a four-piece.

Jillette Johnson Releases Acoustic Version Of “I Shouldn’t Go Anywhere”

“My friends Kaitlyn Raitz, Ben Plotnick, and Joe Pisapia and I recorded this alternate version of ‘I Shouldn’t Go Anywhere’ at the height of the pandemic, all from the safety of our own homes,” explains Johnson. “It felt like a beautiful way to connect with each other, and like a salve for the difficult emotions and uncertainty we as a world were experiencing.”

LUCID SINS: stream 70s-sounding new album ‘Cursed’ in full!

Seven years after their masterful 2015 debut album ‘Occultation’, the Glasgow-based duo has morphed into a bigger and more ambitious beast to craft their sophomore album ‘Cursed!’. Inviting five other musicians from their entourage to hop on the LUCID SINS train, the group delivers an organic and progressive 8-track fueled by an intoxicating dose of keys and violins, liquid-fingered riffage and Andreas Jonsson’s compelling vocals, harking back to the likes of Wishbone Ash, Blue Öyster Cult or The Doors.

Premiere: Lucid Sins ‘Cursed!’ – New Album Drops 3rd May Via Totem Cat Records

Loverground Shares ‘Pup Slushy’ Single + Announces EP

Loverground is the latest project from London based multi-instrumentist and producer Kevin Erlicher. Former front-man of indie band Smooth Ends, the French-Argentinian beatmaker draws on influences, talents and interests beyond the world of music. Having released only three singles to date under the Loverground moniker, Kevin proves he’s doing something right; with a slew of editorial DSP and blog support since the project’s conception in 2019. His new single ‘Pup Slushy’, taken from his forthcoming ‘whatever happens, happens’ EP, is set for release on April 29th via Majestic Casual.

JORDFÄST “Hädanefter”

JORDFÄST is a Swedish duo that joined forces to combine their respective talents in creating a captivating and theatrical black metal journey. Paying tribute to both their musical and ancestral heritage, the icy melodies and atmosphere-oriented soundscapes offer a deeply immersive listening experience. All material was composed and meticulously arranged to grant emotional depth to the tales enacted through its narration.

Country Newcomer Lyssa Coulter Releases New Single “I Don’t Wanna Know”

“I felt this track was important to put into the world because many times we see vulnerability as “bad” or “scary” due to it potentially revolving around aspects of life that hurt such as heartbreak,” explains Lyssa in the exclusive premiere with COWGIRL Magazine. “In my past, I’ve shoved those emotions down and they resulted in built-up anger and disrespect towards myself and towards people in my life that I love.”

We Wanna Know About Lyssa Coulter’s New Single

GEISTE – Dark-pop visionary releases enchanting new single & video ‘Twig’

Sonically, GEISTE’s world is one of beautifully dark soundscapes and themes of long, loss and self-worth. On ‘Twig’, her delicate, ethereal vocals swirl amongst intensifying atmospheres created by bouncing electronic percussion and intricate, dancing synth lines; adding to her effortless ability to captivate.

The final single to be shared from her forthcoming EP, ‘Retrogrades’, ‘Twig’ is GEISTE taking control of her own life, feeling stronger from when she felt hurt and pain in the past. The track is a reflection upon how she has felt and hurt herself in the past; a timeline of drug use and eating disorders, and the abuse inflicted upon her during a toxic, controlling relationship.

Skope video submission: neKa, “Black Magik”. NC female ra

neKa says her new track “Specifically speaks on how I feel about myself & those like me who need to transform their mind, our thought process, and personally how I feel about myself to get what I feel I deserve.”