Ella Grace shares gorgeous debut album ‘Reverence’

The 11 track body of work is a flawless, captivating journey of self-discovery. Honey dipped vocals, sweet catchy melodies and beautiful, honest songwriting make this warm debut offering an album to be cherished.

The creation of Reverence came as a cathartic output for Ella, written in the wake of a romance that was cut short due to COVID. The record shares heartache, longing and liberation. Rich in self-acceptance as Ella comes to terms with her own sexuality, it’s raw and empowering.

Sharing more on the album, Ella explained: “This album represents the end of pretending, it’s a liberation for me, a becoming. Last year I fell in love with a woman and realised I’d been pretending to be someone I wasn’t. In place of that pretending rushed in these very real, raw parts of me. The album tells that story, of falling in love with a woman, discovering myself again, and the surrender that comes with heartbreak.”