Davy Williamson Presents New Single ‘Cliche’

Davy Williamson holds nothing back on the raging “Cliché”. They burn through the track time in a way that becomes truly gorgeous to behold. A little bit of that 90s alt rock runs through it for there is a physicality to the whole thing. Volume is a must as there is a sense of urgency that propels the whole of the track together. Layer upon layer comes into the mix resulting in something that feels outright joyous. Blooming through with such vibrant colors there is a beauty behind the sound.

Right from the beginning he grabs the listener with a bright brilliant blur that rushes through the entirety of the piece. So much detail is brought into the mix for there is a dreamy experience to it, almost surreal to behold. His lyricism has a thoughtfulness to it for he balances one verse on top of the other for there is a bit of a storytelling flair to it. Growing ever more all-consuming they craft a world that has a vividness to the proceedings, for each reiteration goes right for the jugular. With such exquisite majesty the piece absolutely washes over the listener as there is a wild unhinged energy to it. For the final stretch he lets it all loose for they show off their impressive chops in soaring up into the sky.

“Cliché” shows off Davy Williamson’s uncanny ability to tap into a classic rock spirit, one that has a timeless grace to it.