Top Animated Shows for Adults on the Internet

Gone are the days when cartoons were just for children. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime house a variety of animated seasons and movies targeted at ages 18 and above with adult jokes and inappropriate imagery for children. These shows have different themes, plots, and genres ranging from romance, a family sitcom to downright bloodshed, and their nature are such because they are not meant to be watched by children. To watch cartoons in adult life and have the best time, it is vital to invest in a stable internet connection so that the streaming is smooth and fast. So, if you are looking for reliable internet service, we highly recommend Spectrum Internet as it comes with incredible internet speeds, unlimited data, and most importantly, 24/7 customer service to help you in case your internet goes down. With that said, let us discuss the best-animated shows for adults on the internet:

Family Guy

Based on Peter Griffin’s adventures with his unusual family: Meg, an unfit teenager, Louis the normal wife, Brian the dog that talks, Chris the slow son, and Stewie, a sadistic baby, this show is full of laughter, hilarious comebacks, and PG-rated jokes. The extended family and friends and their families each have relatable personalities and bring out the fun in the show.

Must-Watch Rating: 10/10

F is for Family

A Netflix original on how a man’s life changes after marriage, this show follows the life of a dysfunctional Irish-American family and its struggles. This show, though loved by many was only renewed for five seasons, all of which can easily be streamed on Netflix. The first season has six episodes, and the others have ten each, so this show can be this weekend’s binge-watch!

Must-Watch Rating: 7/10


Perhaps one of our favorites, Archer follows the life of a detective with his mother as his boss and manager, and a lot of drama with the ladies. The show has a fairly interesting plot as Archer embarks on adult-like missions and one can easily get addicted to the show. It has a 90% rotten tomato rating, with eleven seasons, all jam-packed with dark humor.

Must-Watch Rating: 10/10

Rick and Morty

The first of its kind, Rick and Morty is an adult science fiction sitcom, which features a sociopathic scientist who returns to his daughter’s home after 20 years and sets on eerie and rather weird adventures with his grandson. The show has a 94% rotten tomato rating and a whopping 9.2/10 IMDb rating.

Must-Watch Rating: 8.5/10

South Park

These four young boys may look adorable with their wobbly eyes and short height, but they have foul mouths and a distinction in using abusive language. The show is a classic amongst adults and a pandemic special is set to air in 2022. The show has been going on since 1997. Fun fact, the show started as a viral video and later South Park came into existence. These days stores all over the world house their merchandise.

Must-Watch Rating: 7/10

Bojack Horseman

Contrary to popular belief, this series is not just about a horse and not only a sitcom. It is rather tragic and highlights the root issues embedded in our society that are considered taboo to talk about. The series has received numerous awards from the best sitcom to the best-animated series. It is a six-season show with twelve episodes each and the entire show (now ended) is available on Netflix to stream.

Must-Watch Rating: 9/10

The Simpsons

The Simpsons are without any doubt the most popular and longest-running animated American series that has even been translated into numerous languages. The content, though not for children, is a suitable watch for teenagers and so on, and does not contain explicit content. It even has a Simpsons movie that grossed over 560 million dollars, not to forget the Simpsons games, merchandise, and museum. The show is a classic with a star of its own on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There is no denying that the show has influenced many other adult sitcoms.

Must-Watch Rating: 9.5/10


With a 95% rating on rotten tomatoes, this science fiction sitcom is a dream come true for comic nerds who love cartoons with references for science movies and well, the future. Futurama though initially canceled later received critical acclaim and six awards.

Must-Watch Rating: 8.5/10

Big Mouth

From puberty to the wonders of the human body and sex, Big Mouth is a coming-of-age adult fiction show. It revolves around the story of seven-grade students who are newly exploring their sexuality. It has a 99% rating on rotten tomatoes!

Must-Watch Rating: 7.5/10

Bob’s Burgers

To keep his family values together and family intact, Bob opens up a burger joint with his wife and children. The initial reviews for the show were mixed but in 2013, TV Guide ranked Bob’s Burgers in the top 60 cartoon shows of all time. The show also contains music numbers so that is a plus!

Must-Watch Rating: 8/10