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Country Music Artist Patrick Gibson Releases “The American Prayer” Music Video Live On Newsmax

Country music standout, Patrick Gibson praises God and country with the release of his latest single titled, “The American Prayer.” This single stands firm to back the blue and show gratitude for the men and women that put their lives on the line daily for our safety. Gibson symbolizes the power of prayer and urges the American people to recognize their blessings. One country, under God…with liberty and justice for all; Gibson pledges allegiance with “The American Prayer” to show that without the selflessness of those who risk their lives, our country would not be what it is today.

Soulful Art-Pop from Someone / Anyone

Someone / Anyone are a group from Hastings, East Sussex (UK). They mix art-pop with jazz and rock flavours. Honing their skills in a self-built studio in Hastings, they are focusing on releasing new music. They’ve established a thrilling live set, supporting the likes of Ratboy, Kid Kapichi.

Dragondeer Sees the World in a New Light in Music Video for “Stay High”

Last year, Dragondeer worked with director Jason Melino to produce a remote, collaborative music video for their track “Stay High.” Amidst the whirlwind of COVID-19 lockdowns, civil unrest, and general uncertainty, the video was held onto and never released. After a year of resilience and things now looking up, the band is excited to start performing again and release a full-length album on Color Red later this year. On April 20, 2021 at 4:20 pm MT, the band will premiere the music video on the Color Red Facebook page and finally unleash it into the world.

Grammy Nominated- Lush Indie Pop

Rory Andrew (WYNNE) is a Grammy Nominated, platinum-selling songwriter, artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

As a songwriter and producer, Rory’s songs have been released by major artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, ODESZA, Jaden Smith, Lennon Stella, August 08, Goldlink, Jackson Wang, Hobo Johnson, Two Door Cinema Club and more…

Junket – New Single “Embers to Ashes”

Junket, from Orange County, NY., is back with another new, blazing single, “Embers to Ashes” out April 23, 2021. It’s the follow up to their highly acclaimed “Red Handed” single recently released.

Junket is Chris Wicher (vocals), Michael Miller (guitar), Kyle Hallenbeck (bass) and Chad Babcock (drums). They have all come together, blending different musical backgrounds and a variety of collective influences to create their own brand of alternative rock.

Los Angeles’ kidgloves Release Feel Good Single “just friends”

Cody (of kidgloves) on “just friends”:
“‘just friends’ is a song about being brutally friend-zoned by an ex. Itʼs about having to reinvent a relationship with someone that you used to be intimate with. ‘Poor soul it takes some time to get over yourself’ is a tip of the old hat to the cliche your close friends may tell you when youʼre dealing with both the heartbreak warfare and what you need to admit in order to get over your own pity and move on. Itʼs sort of an anthem to say ‘wake the f*ck up, itʼs over.'” :)

KIDGLOVES Releases Indie-Pop Anthem ‘just friends’

CURIMUS Take A Walk In Their Own ‘Garden Of Eden’

Garden Of Eden is the third full-length album by Finnish modern deaththrashers Curimus. Following Realization (2012) and Artificial Revolution (2014), the band takes their intense energy even further – the album is a half-hour beatdown combining thrashy riffs and modern elements. The new material is faster and darker, all wrapped up in an uncompromising soundscape. The themes of the songs revolve around human selfishness, fecklessness and injustice in all its forms. At the end this world is the Garden Of Eden, where no one is happy.

Multi-instrumentalist and storyteller Mara Simpson shares new single ‘Reason’, album to follow this Autumn.

UK multiinstrumentalist and story-teller Mara Simpson has shared new single ‘Reason’, a heady blend of alt-folk, analogue synth and classical composition. Serving as the first taste of her third studio album, ‘Reason’ is a tale of quiet rebellion and taking back control, a theme that is central to her upcoming release.

Muca & La Marquise – Cheap Red Wine – OUT NOW

The process of songwriting was unusual. Muca adds:” It all started with acoustic guitars and vocals. I usually do that, followed by some melodies when writing. I then brought the ideas in place, and La Marquise got some lines from her notebook and began to add lyrics and add more melodies to it. I then worked on the structure, and we decided to record the vocal guides, which are the vocals you listen to on then single. We recorded twice, and that was the first take. All the arrangements and recordings were built on top of it.

Sunglasses For Jaws release new single “What Does It Look Like”

London based outfit Sunglasses For Jaws today release their new single “What Does It Look Like” – the third track to be shared from upcoming album Everybody’s Made Of Bones, out June 3rd via Pony Recordings.

Widescreen, psych-rock with a penchant for the dramatic, David Bardon and Oscar Robertson along with recently recruited vocalist Oliver Huband recorded Everybody’s Made Of Bones at Sean Ono Lennon’s studio in upstate New York.

Skate Punk Pioneers BELVEDERE Share New Single ‘Camera Obscura’

An introspective pause in an album packed full of political convictions and grit, Camera Obscura finds the band pondering morality, legacy and dissecting life’s big questions, as front man Steve Rawles explains:

“Camera Obscura is a story that envisions the end of your life and all the mixed feelings that you could potentially feel right before the final moment. Did I do enough? Was I good enough for the people around me? Did I make an impact on the world or did I just simply draw from it. Is there anything after this and if so.. why is there rules around following a deity based on others interpretations? Isn’t being moral without religion enough? A collection of thoughts.”

Azahriah shares joful song with melancholic topic

Azahriah, a young Hungarian singer, who took the local music scene by storm in 2019, released a new, upbeat song. The positive hit called „aight” is one of the forerunner of Azahriah’s upcoming album.

BRIDEAR reveal brand new video for ‘Bloody Bride’

Brimming with big riffs and even bigger hooks all tastefully laced with both classic and J-metal characteristics, ‘Bloody Bride’ showcases everything that the band are capable of in one five-minute-long package. It serves as a whistle-stop tour of their vast musical ability complete with mesmerising licks, a relentless thrash-like pace and a surprising, unexpected dark turn that the new music video makes even darker.

On the Rise Country Artist, Noah Garner, Releases Official Video in Support of Upbeat Summer Anthem, “Spring Break Town”

The story behind the video is a guy meets an amazing girl while on Spring Break and has one of those hot, fast burning loves. She has to leave back home, but she never leaves his mind. When he returns to perform a show in the same town, she goes back too, and comes out to his show, and they reconnect.

Metal Purveyors INCITE Return with New Single, “Deadbeat,” from Upcoming EP

Heavy metal purveyors INCITE are back with the crushing new single “Deadbeat” from their forthcoming EP, due out later this year via Minus Head Records.

While the song’s lyrics may be inspired by society’s lazy, less savory characters, fans will surely identify with its video, which shows the band members living repetitive, “deadbeat” lives while cooped up during quarantine. Watch the video now at –

Breathe Panel return with new single ‘Spring’ via FatCat Records

‘Spring’ was originally written a couple of years back when the band were in the final stages of putting together their first album. Despite not being finished in time, ‘Spring’ became a regular feature of the bands live set, where it went on to mature and develop with each performance. Aside from the obvious connotations of the changing seasons, the single was originally about a blossoming relationship. “As time passed and we began to understand it differently,” explains guitarist Josh. “We came to realise it was more of a simple idea about things being transient and trying to find a way to celebrate that and look back on things that aren’t in your life any more with a nice feeling”.

Eagle Johnson & Clean Machine Drop New Single Today, “All My Friends”

“This song is about the inner child in all of us looking at the ridiculousness of adults fighting over colors and sides….through all of society’s pressure to divide us we declare: whatever you’re preferences…my friends love to get high and play…but remember the harvest man in the field who can’t pay his bills because his wage is too low…protected by a shield that God gave that no man can take away…”illegal immigrants” who feed us everyday…you can’t eat money, you can try, but it will taste funny.” – Eagle Johnson

Wacotron Shares Hard-Hitting Debut Mixtape Smokin Texas and “Hole In A Cup” Video

The new mixtape is home to recent single “Umbrella,” produced by Marshmello and featuring a snarling guest verse from G Herbo (1 million views since its April 9th release), as well as standout video singles like “Gram And A Hoodie,” “Take Off,” “Toothpaste,” and Wacotron’s debut release “Cut Me Up,” which has over 1 million views on YouTube. Featuring additional production from Johan Lenox and Steezefield, Smokin Texas is available everywhere via Pick Six Records/808 Mafia.

Hong Kong Shoegazers Lucid Express Sign To Kanine Records | Share “Wellwave”

Hong Kong shoegaze 5-piece Lucid Express are excited to announce their signing to Brooklyn, New York’s, Kanine Records. Today, in anticipation of the July 16th release of their self-titled debut album, the band share their gently defiant single “Wellwave” and its hazy music video.