Gary Pratt New Single ‘A SONG YOU CAN DRINK A BEER TO’

Gary Pratt delivers a pitch-perfect piece full of honestly on the aptly named “A Song You Can Drink A Beer To”. The song has a playful disposition to it as it goes through all the many different life events that can be a cause for having a beer from the joyous to the sorrowful. With an arrangement that further emphasizes the sheer strength of his voice the entirety of the tracks rolls about in a gorgeous way. Even the lyrics seem deftly aware of their surroundings, with the highlights involving the sound of the slide guitar being a particularly powerful one. Drums here have a fantastic power behind them as they unfurl in a way that feels potent.

He holds nothing back because right at the forefront of the sound he lets the details flow. A whole sense of place enters into the equation, as the graceful guitar seems to sweep on through with such crystal clarity. By allowing these many elements plenty of room to roam they feel quite impassioned. Vocals here contain a whole lifetime, as they feel particularly universal. When zooming back, the way it all seems to have a cyclical approach further adds to the reflective quality of the piece.

“A Song You Can Drink A Beer To” shows off the deft skill of Gary Pratt in capturing the many ups and downs that accompany a life lived to the absolute fullest.