Elise Davis Delivers Her Happiest Album To Date – ‘Anxious. Happy. Chill.’ Out Now

Elise Davis has released her new album Anxious. Happy. Chill., out now via Tone Tree. Written during the rush of a new relationship and recorded just days after her wedding, Anxious. Happy. Chill. is a collection of lean, guitar-driven rockers and woozy, lushly-layered love songs.

Stream Anxious. Happy. Chill. now:

“The songs I write are all like little diary entries of my personal experiences,” says Davis. “After completing an album, it’s always cool to see how they are like time capsules of my life. This album, albeit recorded in a very extraordinary time, represents some huge life changes I have experienced in the last couple years.”

She continues, “‘Anxious. Happy. Chill.’ is my third child, and I love that she has some happiness in her, as well as declarations of deep love and commitment – these things have never really made appearances in my previous albums! It is a part of what makes this album very special for me.”